Rex Dasteppa / Press

“This release is a solid dose of dirty electro basslines, glitchy beats, and techno funk… Expect the party to get sexy when these tunes fill the airwaves.”

“the Riddick: Like a late night slice of acid pie, this groove tune gets inside of you quickly and sweetly enough but watch out! By the time you realize the wild ride you're on, it's way too late to get off. Where's the line for more?”

Breaks Fm

“Two Evils: One for the sci-fi heads. Wicked techy rollin' business from Rex Da Steppa that works great early or late in the set. Sick edits galore and eerie pads got me hooked. Great results on my BreaksFM radio show”

Brio - Breaks FM

“Slammin' Beats: Does just what the name says. Groovin' bassline that just won't let up and Rex's signature beatwork to back it up. Should please Djs that like it funky, and DJs that like a techy edge. ALWAYS gets people's attention on the radio and on the dancefloor. ”

Breaks FM