Revolectronic Society™ / Press

“Dear Matt and Carlos and Noise Flower Excellent combination of sounds! Nice rhythms and textures! Love it! Keep it up! ”

John Spalding (the composer) - artist

“Very cool wall of sound!!!”

John Revitte - artist

“Great tracks from you fill the world! In love with Outworlder. Keep going, dudes!”

Lunarian - artist

“Cool electronic rock sound and effects on "Robot Commandos!”

White Grizzly - artist

"Been thumpin' "Final Turn"! Tight!"

Akmuk - artist

"My brain just dissolved through my ears!"

Pete M - artist

"Folks, Stop in and listen to this! You'll be very happy you did. Everyone deserves a new day!"

Rick Frost - artist

"Intergalactic kicks my ass!"

604-Tokay - artist