Revalation / Press

"Man, this goes hard. One of the best featured tracks of this early week."

“I'll be honest, I get excited when I hear Revalation on a track. That's all. Enjoy.”

"The wordplay on this track is vicious, along with the inner rhymes – all the ingredients and more for a pure hip hop track!"

"This is an older freestyle from Rev, where he finds Cassidy's "I'm A Hustla" instrumental and goes to work. Chart the progression!"

"...I'm impressed once again...I don't think Rev disappoints ever...Basically he lyrically destroys these commercial beats and I fuck with it heavy..."

"Rev gettin' in....This song straight CRACK!"

"...some slick raps from Rev, that prove the man's got some serious crossover potential..."

"...the man shows he’s got some serious versatility by switching it up with a song for the ladies that the fellas also have to respect..."

"This joint is really something I can rock too, great efforts by our local talents Rev and M-Dot..."

"If I ever go back to MASS, I'm making sure I dap this guy up...this is hot..."

"I leaked a couple joints from the homey Revalation a couple days ago and got a couple good reviews in the c-section"