Reign of Fury / Press

“MASTERPIECE 10/10 - Please burst to every store and demand this album, buy it online if you have to, but please do, it’s for your own good. This is how Metal should be made and felt. Are you still here? Get the hell out! ”

“As a debut album, this stands up there with some of the best in the business, and there’s enough variety to keep it fresh, and exciting. There are also many twists and turns, and the journey is extremely enjoyable. Keep an eye on these guys, as they should be HUGE!”

“This is some good shit.”

“An album which you’ll need to hear to believe. Definitely a band to make sure you check out.”

“Playing at Bloodstock 2012 and appearing from behind the sort of artwork destined to appeal to veteran metal fans who still delight in the covers of Megadeth and Iron Maiden, Reign Of Fury play the sort of turbo-charged, hook laden thrash metal that sets off spontaneous mosh pits whenever it is played and on new album ‘World Detonation’ the band have crafted the sort of brilliantly memorable, heavy, impassioned music that will make it a must for classic thrash fans everywhere.”

“This is truly a spectacular performance from everyone involved with each and every member of Reign of Fury playing out of their skin”

“The country that gave birth to heavy metal music strikes back with great bands. REIGN OF FURY with their debut album entitled “World Detonation” show that are a band made for great things.”

“I often wonder where labels actually look for the bands they sign? Sometimes they just release utter shite, and every so often they miss killer bands. How’s about this British metal sensation Reign Of Fury…?”

“There is so much more to the bands style than your run of the mill generic thrash, they take some of the best things from that genre and infuse it with a more melodic side. If they carry on like this for their entire careers they’ll be about as unstoppable as the fucking Hulk.”

“Reign of Fury play a style of Metal that is both catchy and endearing, and most importantly that people will want to hear!”

“Ultimately, “World Detonation” is just an inspired record. The band is quite open to any metal influences and uses them properly throughout the album. If you want a band who puts a lot of thought into their work to make a unique thrash album, Reign of Fury is the perfect band for you.”

“Reign of Fury are the proverbial manna from heaven for old thrashers searching to recapture the lost excitement of the 80s. Reign of Fury demonstrate a real understanding of classic thrash and just what makes it tick."”

Zero Tolerance

“9/10 Thrash metal is alive and kicking!!! Their songs are pure head bangers, they are a full frontal assault with aggressive and yet ingeneous tunes, making REIGN OF FURY a riff machine that shows no mercy, you just feel compelled to push the play button and start this vicious cycle all over again! If you are fans of SACRED REICH, DRI, METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and ANNIHILATOR, then you're gonna love this. ”

“Where Reign Of Fury diverge is with the more accessible, almost rock like choruses. Reign Of Fury are extremely proficient at their craft and will no doubt leave an impression on anyone who hears them play.”

“Top Notch U.K. Thrash metal, deeply rooted in Hardcore. For fans of the Big Four. ”

“‘World detonation’ would appeal to a broad swath of the heavy metal faithful from a range of subgenres. Most thrashers should find enough speed and aggression to slake their thirst. Most Keep-It-True types will be enamored of the Maidenisms, the catchy choruses, and the clean vocals that are not so far removed from the Twisted Tower Dires, Katanas, Strikers, and Enforcers of the world.”

"Cheltenham's greatest metal band!"

The 2 Pigs, Cheltenham - Gig Poster

“Like a nuclear explosion in the head, these guy tear though the stage like a sun collapsing, bring back all that was once great in METAL/THRASH/METAL!!!!!”

The Two Pigs - Live Event Review

“Reign of Fury's fast technical blistering fret work and pummelling drums promise to give them a run for their money so expect the metophorical onstage fire works to be red hot... jeez i'm so frickin' excited...”