Red Tape Riot / Press

“The band plays with an impressive level of musicianship- the performances are solid and tasty”

“The vocals are solidly delivered too, with plenty of heart put into the performances”

“(Red Tape Riot) makes music that is interesting and intricate”

“a band that has a very bright future ahead of them”

“This is the kind of debut that gets people talking”

“Cool band with rocked up songs”

“A unique sound with a huge personal introspective in the writing and songs”

“a well-oiled machine that plays with an impressive level of musicianship”

"Solid, innovative rock music is difficult to come across. Red Tape Riot has set out to make everyone question there preconceived notions about the alternative rock genre"

“Michigan's Freshest and Most Original”

Plymouth Observer/eccentric

“Outstanding local talent”

Fox 2 news morning