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“Rave: We have reviewed sooooo many shows and CDs over the past few years that sometimes I can’t remember who I have or have not covered. Every once in a while I’ll come across a CD that I haven’t listened to in a bit and pop it in. Sometimes these CDs thrill me all over again and sometimes they just give me an ehhhh feeling. Here are a couple CDs of note that have thrilled me all over again. Red Stinger’s “Money In The Blender” floored me the first time I heard it because of the killer mix of punk rock, metal and dare I say….pop punk? Every song on the CD just kicks major ass and as I listened to it again I found myself liking it even more than I used to. And that is saying a lot. From the moment singer/guitarist Timmy Merz gave me a copy it spent no less than two weeks on continuous play in my CD player before I finally shuffled it out to listen to something new. These Denver boys are punk rock at heart and throw down some ridiculously awesome, fast, gut punching tunes”

“BEST BANTER OF THE DAY: RED STiNGER frontman Tim Stinger got all huckstery during his band's set, shouting into the mike, "ARE YOU READY TO FUCKIN' RAAAWWWWK?" RED STiNGER was in the 6:15 to 7 p.m. time slot, and as the evening air got cooler, Stinger noted, "The sun's going down... It's time to get dark." Immediately after, the band launched into another round of nihilistic anthems.”

“When I attempted to interview Red Stinger, a self-described punk/ska/rock/metal/hip-hop/indefinable band from Denver on their way through Des Moines, I had a fair idea of what I was getting into. The good folks at Colorado Music Buzz, who had helped IMB connect to the group, could never help but smile and chuckle fondly when telling stories of the irreverent group, and previous interviewers had warned never to expect a straight answer to any question. The boys from Denver did not disappoint. I was told to look for a guy with a Mohawk – this would be David, their manager – and indeed, I found him wrangling the rest of the guys in the alley behind Vaudeville Mews, outside their Scamp trailer with a glint of cabin fever in their eyes. Their noted onstage energy was already ricocheting off the brick buildings surrounding us, and I prepared to hold on for dear life as the four – Timmy (vocals, guitar), Fred (guitar), Chewy (bass), and Zac (drums) — bounced around the beer garden.”

“While a lot of the punk bands that played yesterday afternoon had some energetic singers, RED STiNGER's frontman, Tim Stinger, pulled some crazy shit like crawling behind a speaker and hopping on an amp and started to grab onto a beam above him. It looked like the guy, who admitted early in the set that he was a bit sauced, was going to take a serious fall any minute. Stinger's acrobatics and shenanigans fueled the band, which delivered one of the more rowdy sets of the day.”

“Red Stinger: Another Denver band. These guys are punk rock, but more in the nature of their attitudes rather than their music which is a mix of punk and metal. Red Stinger has their live show down to a t. They don’t plan anything. They just get up there and let the cards fall where they may. They are also one of the most active bands onstage I have ever seen. I always expect to hear that one of the band members lost an appendage due to a tragic gig mishap. There are guitars, legs, and arms flying everywhere during their shows. I could almost swear that bassist Chewy is possessed by the devil every time he gets on stage and singer Timmy has these punk rock Elvis moves that just blow me away”

“Red Stinger might be the last four punk rockers in Denver. That being said, they look nothing like punk rockers, and they don’t really play punk rock, at least not JUST punk rock. “We’re definitely not punk rock,” says Timmy, energetic frontman/guitarist of the group. But for these guys, what they lack in fashion makes them that much more punk rock. While a lot of punks look like punks, Red Stinger looks like two Mexicans, a tall dorky guy, and a lethargic stoner, and none of them give a s&%t what you think. ”

“Red Stinger's brand of punk is earnest yet manages to sound playful and nonchalant Punk rock has always been known for masking a deep-seated earnestness with playfulness, and Red Stinger follows firmly in that tradition. Although the band's latest album, Money in a Blender, is chock-full of political angst and personal self-doubt, the group still makes it sound lively and playfully nonchalant. In advance of Red Stinger's CD-release party at 3 Kings Tavern this Saturday, April 30, with King Rat, the Dropskots and Dead Ringer, we spoke with frontman Timmy Stinger about the formation of the group and the latest album. In true punk-rock fashion, we hardly got any straight answers.”

“Never ones to be demure Red stinger hit the stage with attitude and confidence, slamming out tune after tune while tossing out expletives to the crowd in true punk rock form. Although far from packed, the crowd at the front of the stage still surged forward as if to get closer to the action. It’s that kind of show. The kind of show where the support for the band almost outshines the band…..almost.”