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"This accomplished band has a lock on that early 1970s rock sound that often started in lengthy and multiple barroom sets and often made it to the arena tours around the country and both college and mainstream FM radio play. . . . There is plenty of energy and just enough variation in the arrangements, particularly in the addition of brass on various songs. . . . [I]f you are looking for straight ahead rock, this band delivers (over two full records even, as this is a classic double LP)."

". . . Redline Addiction is ready to make your ears happy with their diverse alternative rock sound. Their new double-sided CD, aptly named, A to B, is a lengthy but catchy musical journey. Their new double-sided CD, aptly named, A to B, is a lengthy but catchy musical journey. The A side of the CD starts with catchy alt-rock tune, I Beg Your Surrender. It continues with Fall Out Boy-esque song, How To Lose. . . . The scene needs more bands as gutsy as Redline Addiction and I hope we start to see more like them."

"A to B, the new double-album from Redline Addiction, isn’t a record – it’s a menu to one of the most diverse musical meals you’ll ever consume. RA’s rock ‘n’ roll buffet does what your mother never let you do – start with dessert. Disc one kicks-off with five straight pop-punk sugar pills that hype you up with honey-sweet hooks and heavily glazed guitar riffs. Rob Robinson’s emotional tenor adds an extra kick of personality and warmth to these tunes, too. . . . What you’ll really hear is a kitchen full of top chefs cooking not with knives and skillets, but with guitars, bass, and drums. So make a meal of A to B. You just might find yourself making it a staple of your musical diet"

"Right off their new album “A to B” is “How To Lose” a fast paced song that is like pegging the RPM’s on a classic muscle car. . . . The instrumentation is solid and clean with each guitar, bass, drum and vocals getting laid down flawlessly. With its underlying theme of ‘never giving up’ it is almost a religious experience. . . . “How To Lose” is about knowing you cannot win but believing in something so strongly you are willing to lay it all on the line no matter the consequences. It is about not giving up no matter how bad things seem or how low you feel you have sunk in life. You have got to pick up and move forward. This is an overwhelmingly strong message and one that does not get told enough. High praise to Redline Addiction for not backing down from this topic."

"DC-area alt-rockers Redline Addiction’s third and latest album, A to B, is an audacious step for any musical act. A 24-track double album, it represents a band that is confident in both their skills and delivery; the record bridges everything from plaintive folk to hard edged sounds veering towards the most mainstream of rock. . . . From beginning to end, it’s the diversity that separates the sun-kissed, easy-going and Sublime-trending sounds of “Ordinary Fool” to the heavier jam band sounds of “Highway Robbery” that keeps you guessing, but it’s the work of the band in maintaining a cohesive sound through a plethora of styles that keeps you listening."

"[Redline Addiction's] music is crazy good and what is even better is that they have loads of music to keep a music addict like me happy. . . . This is a BAND and I mean they they all sound great together."

"In terms of the smaller bands [playing at Shamrock Fest 2013], I found D.C.’s own Redline Addiction to have stolen the show hands down. Starting with a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls on Parade, their set kept the audience on their feet."

“Washington, D.C.'s Redline Addiction has been making appealing power pop for more than five years now, but the band has never sounded so confident and accomplished as on its latest disc "Letters." . . . [This album is] a rock-solid record.”

Mike Coleman - On Tap Magazine

“Letters ... is a collection of radio friendly pop-rock. The stripped down sound suits Redline Addiction: from start to finish, this is an enjoyable listen with no filler tracks. Though the band is planning a louder, harder rock record to be released later this year, it would be nice to see them explore this sound a little more in the future. Definitely pick up Letters if you get a chance.”

“[Redline Addiction] returned last year with their follow-up album, “Letters” released on Counterpoint Records. ... The lead song from the album, “Sadie” has a nice gentle flow to the lyrics along with the band’s laid-back sound. The first song to appear acoustic-only is “He’s Not A Bad Friend, Just A Lousy Lover”. A great sounding song with radio-pop friendly lyrics, but you can’t help wonder what the potential of the full-band would bring to the song. ... [T]he early 90’s grunge influence shines through on the Candlebox sounding “Shelter”. The softness of the acoustic guitars works great with the addition of some wonderful lyrics for the song “12.30.06”.”

“When you hear their music you will soon detect an eclectic mixture of sound that is nowhere near novice. In the tune, 'Everybody Knows,' you can hear a hint of Kiss and the late ‘90s group Lit. You get my drift – there is some serious radio play ahead for this band. ”

“Redline Addiction, a Washington, DC band ... pulls no punches within their music or during their performances. ... Redline Addiction understands that there’s a difference between an artist and a performer. While the performers currently dominate the mainstream charts, the Redline Addiction is part of the charge to put the power back in the musician’s hands; to show that success comes from creativity, not from some pop-star recipe of redundancy.”

“On Tap Magazine identifies Redline Addiction as a "buzzing band."”

On Tap Magazine