"Simply put, this album rocks. With a free flowing heavy stoner groove, Damned By Fate spills out a huge amount of riffs, ripping solos and a penchant for writing catchy tunes. The band is not out to reinvent the wheel, just rock your face off and they do it amazingly well. I will be listening to this album for years to come."

“Melodic down tuned and fuzzed out rock and roll riffs with excellent hooks. What you're looking at here is a Top 10 album of the year, so it is revealed. I've lived with this album for months and its many terrific tracks have become staples of the daily hour long commute to work mix. Very few albums grabbed me for as long or as hard as this one has. And it has one of the best album covers of the year. It's a winner all the way around.”

“Red Desert have managed to establish a style that is fresh and genuine, easily recognizable as their own, with songs that reflect their tremendous ability and energy, each one worthy of being someone's favorite.”

“If you want some hard hitting and heavy as all fuck riff rock, you’ve come to the right place. This album really grooves. It gets your head and body moving, this is an easy album to get sucked into it’s infectious beat.”

“Damned by Fate is a 9 song and 47 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Metal riffage. You never get bored. You just savor every second and minute of this superb album. Just press play and listen to it. Over and Over again.”