“Lovin' Your Tears Away ... what a absolutely gorgeous piece of music. Great vocals, cool Steelye Dan touch. The sound of the song is so transparent and relaxed. Love the lead vocals that remind me of John Wetton's best recordings. Oh, what can I say. This one is a gem for sure!!! ~ kappi & crew”

Ships Of Gold reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Wrapped up inside her love ... what an amazing beaut! Love the unison sound of voice and guitar in the verse and how the song then blooms so wonderfully. EXCELLENT vocals. Great, Jeff! All the best ~ kappi ”

kloudworks reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Hey That's Me....GREAT SONG..Jeff you have such a great style...Your melodies are outstanding..Keep up the good work...Your friend forever...”

Ted Paxson reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Love the guitar runs on Jumble-aya, clever fingerwork, great melody!”

Sugar Rock reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Hi! Busy Box is nice, great Robert Johnson style blues, sweet Jeff very sweet. Ash ”

Mindful Chaos, reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Jeff, Ya got the catfish shack shakin here with your tuneage in spring city tennessee....love it...”

Catfish Hooker - reverbnation

“Sentimental Fool is a real gem of a song, such a comfortable feeling about the song and the performance. All the best to you ~ Frankie..........”

Frankie O'Rourke reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Wonderful playing on "Manana", Jeff! I enjoyed it immensely. All the best from Louisville - - Matt”

Matt Stottman - reverbnation

“Hi Jeff, not only blues and folk and country here. I especially love the sunshine pop attitude of 'Wrapped up inside her love'. This one is so beautiful. Truly sad when the sample i over. All the best ~ kappi Dec 27”

Kloudworks - reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Hi Jeff, great tunes on your profile. You have a song for everyone! Busy box is my fav, awesome guitar!!”

Tim George - reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Awsome pickin on jumble aya jeff. Will be back to listen to more.”

Crystal Vision - reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“BUSY BOX is an amazing song. Wow, just pure music genius. The guitar, the voice....wow. Brilliant. What a nice find here. Straight to favorites.”

Greg Ashton Haze - reverbnation artist - Reverbnation

"love the melody you employ on "Sentimental Fool." What an awesome track!

Ross Gipson - reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“Very good vocals backed up with some really accomplished guitar work.”

Eamon Ireland And Paul Dunn - reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“You have a great voice, Love Sentimental Fool and Walking These Blues Away...”

Bonnie McGill - reverbnation artist - reverbnation

"Love For Her's That Strong" has a fantastic vocal and killer guitar riff. All the cuts are hot. You have a super-commercial Pop voice - great stuff! And your guitar tone is dead-on.

Kevin Lamb - reverbnation artist - Reverbnation

“Very good vocals backed up with some really accomplished guitar work. Fantastically well produced and arranged songs. Many thanks for the kind comment. Much respect my friend. Paul and Eamon ”

Paul and Eamon -reverbantion artists - Reaverbnation

“Fantastic songs! and fantastic guitar playing! I love it!”

The Billy Button Alternative - Reverbnation artist - Reverbnation