Rebel Tongue / Press

"I knew Azma as a rapper – NOW I know him as a soulful singer and rapper with a group of funk masters backing him up. Give me a band with a wickedly tight and groovin rhythm section, a couple of horns, and a front guy who OWNS an audience and I’m a sucka for love like this anytime."

“By putting the hip-hop, funk, jazz, and soul together on this CD, Rebel Tongue is by far the first and best of this new genre to hit the stage in 2012. It's the perfect combination, and if you don't already own a copy of this CD, you need to get one!”

“Lots of bands claim to seamlessly blend genres (and many fail at it) but Denver’s Rebel Tongue do so with such an effortlessness that a lot of Movin’ On almost feels like its own style and not just an amalgamation of hip-hop, jazz and soul.”

“Rebel Tongue is made up of a conscious lyricist, live instrumentation and enough rhythm to make you rock back and forth for days.”

"have created a fun sound from which to spread their message of life, love, and liberation in the form of neo-funk hip-hop."

“Cutting rap flows in and out of gorgeous horn arrangements on tracks like “Tell Them Why” and “Writa Man".”

"Though there is a lot of music coming out of Colorado these days, Rebel Tongue is for real and certainly a band to watch out for in the future."

"Part of what propels the positivity is Azma's lyrics, which ride atop the retro soul beats on the rapper's smooth inflection and thoughtful subject matter."