R&B Bombers / Press

“...a double wallop of retro-nostalgic energy effectively shook up the joint. At the basic sonic, stylistically level, the infectious old school sound of the fantastic machine of a group known as the R&B Bombers deals with the timeless tones of old jump, swing, early R&B and blues-jazz..”

“The R & B Bombers are the most imaginative "big" Blues band I've heard in many years.”

“The lush ballad that lends the self-released 'Bad Behavior' its title is stunning. ”

“Outstanding! Lots of attitude there and a great release. (on "Bad Behavior")”

“I would recommend The R&B Bombers to all those who like horn-driven blues and R&B, big-band fans, and also to those who want to listen to a well-crafted CD that’s something different.”

“Let the R&B Bombers blast you with their Big Band Blues horn showcase!”

"The R&B Bombers are a killer jump blues band from Southern California"

"I highly recommend "Bad Behavior!"