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Raylan jasper is a unique one of a kind if not the only one of its kind english /spanish singer,producer,writer, composer,music enginier,hes produces and sing most popular genre from hip pop,R&B,alternative rock,pop,spanish pop,regeton,salsa,merenge,musica regional,gospel,80's,mariachi,Spanish baladas and last house music.hes competed around the the world in tv singing Competations here are a few like,tengo talento. Mucho talento,how much does the show cost,and batallas de las americas (battle. Of the americas) where he made it to the top8 representing. United states he was last man stading ti represent his country against 20 finalists that where representing there country in a intense reality. Show 20 countries. Involve in a intense singing competition,singing is first passion and eeverything Came second being a left hander musicians guitarist. And pianist pianist was difficult when he first pick. Up a guitar. Being left handed he never met a left hang instructor to teach how to play,so he took it in his omusician and self though him self how to produce write music and understand. The fundamental of music theory hands on because of th love he had for genre that where metion in start,with his unique vocals that has competed with the best vocalist. In the world consider at his top of his game but also in the producing,writing,composer, musician,cross over singer,ready to to take the world by storm and show that he can compete at a top level with the most popular. Genre artists of today,working on his own album had 100 percent control from vocals,writing,composer,backing vocals,music engineering,playing all the instruments,singing English, Spanish,Portuguese,something that has never been done or seen before,the next and the only one of its kind,his album that hes producing will have 20 different. Genre of music three. Different. Language at. A level thats consider to compete. With best in the world,he had near death experience and god came in his soul,he was told by him that he was not from this planet and that his time wasn't up,he was Destin to help people. Through. Out music being a drug dealer at one point of his life,runing. With wrong people, where life was almost take,being in a realationship. For over 10 years,that was drug addict,all of his writing come from pass experience,he writes from his bottom of his heart,i assure You folks, hes the real deal.gods mesanger raylan jasper

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Raylan Jasper
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Indie / tech house / deep house

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Los Angeles, CA

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