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“On Friday, January 14, Rat City Riot’s release party for Better Than Nothing happens at the Ken Club. “Anyone who’s been to a show with us,” says Noah Bricker, “knows they can expect broken glass, smashed tables, blood, and lots of spilled beer.” The album — featuring Fugazi cover “Waiting Room” — will be released by Riot Gear Records in the U.S. and on Germany’s I Hate People Records in Europe. “If any Hasselhoff fans are at the Ken Club, we might dish out one of his tunes we recorded just for zee German edition.””

“Rat City Riot stammen aus San Diego in Kalifornien und beweisen mit ihrem Album “Better Than Nothing”, dass dieser Albumtitel weitaus untertrieben ist. Die Jungs haben nämlich was auf dem Kasten, auch wenn die Punkakkorde einfach immer 0815 klingen, so haben Sie es dennoch geschafft, “better than nothing” zu klingen. Mindestens! Besser gesagt haben die Street-Rocker mal wieder Saiten ohne Ende verbraucht und Whisky aus Fässern getrunken, bis dieser Silberling im Kasten war. Die Vocals haben diesen herrlich rauhen, pissigen Unterton, wie man ihn bei richtig strassenkompatiblen Punkbands gerne hat. Mit “Save Your Soul” geht’s dann auch gleich mächtig prächtig zur Sache. Die galoppierenden Rhythmen, wie man Sie von den Peacocks kennt, sorgen als Erstes für Beachtung. Als nächstes fallen die Backgroundchöre auf, die für Partystimmung pur zuständig sind.”

"We don't try and chase everybody around to be everybody's best friends," says Rat City Riot singer Noah Bricker. Though the San Diego band maintains a low local profile, Rat City Riot has national distribution for their Dirty Rotten Games CD, and last week they took off for four months of touring that includes dates in the U.S. and Europe.

“6. Rat City Riot has to be one of the hardest working bands we know, always touring all the time. Give us a few funny stories from the road. That's a tough one, there's been so many strange things that happened- One Canadian tour we were on with a band called RED ALERT from the UK was especially interesting... mainly because we had the 6 of us plus I think 7 or maybe 8 of them packed in our old 8 passenger Dodge van+ Trailer. 4 of those guys were jammed in the way back on a bench seat I had left over from another van and put in myself. anyway, those guys werent really supposed to be "touring" in Canada so we were telling the authorities at the border that they were just friends who were tagging along with us on our trip for fun. When they started searching the van and found an excessive amount of guitars and luggage we spent hours and hours at the Canadian border being searched, interrogated, and all around yelled at until finally some supervisor waved us through.”

“Before playing New York's CBGB on March 26, Rat City Riot roadie "Brock had filled up a Gatorade bottle full of piss," says singer Noah Bricker. "You know how sometimes you have to piss in the van...so he throws it into a trash can right in front of CBGB, and as we're walking in, we see this junkie pick up the Gatorade bottle from the trash. Before we could do anything, he unscrewed the cap.... He had his back to us but, when he dropped the bottle and staggered off, half the piss was missing." Other tour highlights so far (noted on ratcityriot.com): guitarist Chris Barclift says, "There was a skinhead riot in Montreal." Josh Lopez says, "We watched a 12-year-old girl get wasted in a bar in Toronto." Rat City Riot returns for a hometown gig on April 30 at the Zombie Lounge.”

“Joel: How long has Rat City Riot been a band for? Jon: I believe we started around August 2002. Noah: Yeah I think it was sometime around then, I was working as a bouncer at Club Xanth and found out about a couple different bands who had broken up or were in the midst of a breakup (Eradix, Cutthroat), I wanted to do another band and was introduced to Paco so we got on the ball and arranged the first practice at Jon's house. I think technically we got together and were somewhat officially "doing a band" the night of the last Eradix show. We practiced without a bass player for the first few months or so then we snagged Mike (ex Cutthroat- but not the local Cutthroat paco was in- a different band from Reno where Mike moved from- weird huh?) and since then we've played some shows with bands like Slaughter and the Dogs, Dr. Know, The Generators, Cheap Sex, Barnyard Ballers, The Distraction, the Straponz, Please Mr. Gravedigger, and some others I'm sure I'm forgetting.”

“San Diego band Rat City Riot has played about 700 shows since their foundation in 2003, but found their way into studios less often, which makes Load Up only the second CD of the four street punks. Their music contains also elements of hardcore, oi and rock’n’roll,”