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“The jazz EP "Cafe'" now available on iTunes as well!”

"Whoever decided Kim wasn't worth keeping here probably never made a worse decision than that," said Greg Horsch '10. "Who else is going to advise SGA or the other RLCs? She even came with a free Randy!"

“The Jazz EP "Cafe" featuring Randy Brush with The Phoenix Trio is available on Amazon.com mp3, Napster, Zune, eMusic, and others. The Trio, including Brian Cavanagh-Strong on Piano, and Adam Thein on bass, played at the popular Phoenix Cafe' in Grinnell Iowa from 2009-2010”

"Spike's World Of Percussion also available at Amazon.com mp3, Napster, Zune, eMusic and others

"Spikes World Of Percussion" Randy Brush's Solo Percussion Album, available on iTunes

"The whole festival winds down on Tuesday in Bob's with an acoustic show featuring K Plattner, Nobody's Hippie and Friends, Allie Joelle, JTweeChasez, and Triangle. After the previous weekend's music overload, the group has decided to dub this show "Gently Caressing Like a Lamb"." — Scarlet and Black Newspaper, Grinnell College

Grinnell College - Scarlet and Black Newspaper, Grinnell College

“Brush has also made Grinnell his home. He plays with four music groups at Grinnell, including a punk-klezmer band. "I was a professional drummer until I was thirty," said Brush, "and I must be setting a record for the most percussion equipment crammed into the smallest space." Besides the huge drum set in the entrance, Brush has African drums in the living room, drumheads hanging on the wall, and various other percussion equipment on shelves all over the apartment. "And I've got a didgeridoo on order!" he exclaimed. Luckily, the apartment is separated from the Loose dorms by an entrance hallway, so Brush can play "without everyone hearing me all the time."”

“Every Wednesday night at The Phoenix Cafe, the Phoenix Trio provides great jazz... Though the members have had a musical relationship for years—Cavanagh-Strong and Thein both are music majors—they didn’t start playing together until they landed their weekly gig last summer. The café’s owner, Kamal Hammouda, had been looking for local musicians to play regularly at the café, and was pleased to hire the trio. Over the past few months, they have generated a local following—regulars from the town and the school will often attend, even requesting songs. The trio tends to stick to old standards in their own exciting style that often involves improvised sections.”

“The Phoenix Trio is a jazz group formed to play jazz at The Phoenix Cafe' in Grinnell, Iowa. Their whimsical and different approach to older jazz standards won the trio a legion of adoring fans, students and community members alike.”

“In 2008, Randy, Mark Root-Wiley, and Mallory Inman formed "Triangle", an independent percussion trio which wrote all their own music and performed frequently on the Grinnell College campus.”

“Triangle/Phoenix Jazz Trio Saturday, April 17th, 9pm Gardner Lounge Triangle/Randy Brush and the Phoenix Jazz Trio Come bid farewell to Randy and enjoy some jazz from your favorite Grinnell percussion group”