R. A. Walsh / Press

“Your style at times hints a little of a cool "Zappa" feel. Love, Love, Love! Keep them coming my friend! Thank you for such beautiful music!" ”

- Angie Beck, - New World Peace Press

“Very creative- genuine artistry. I love this amazing tapestry that you weave with your music. Music of the universe- Does not get any better than that!”

Angie Beck - New World Peace Press

“ Thank you so much for sharing so beautiful music, magnificent vocals, light up my heart. Absolutely brilliant! Ryo ”

Ryo Utasato - New World Peace Press Group...

"She's the Sweetest Thing" IS just about the sweetest thing I've heard. Happy to LIKE this. We've been around since 1976 and would highly value a return listen from one so talented.... Peace & Love & JOY!

Living Waters Music Mark LaJOIE - Sumwunder publishing

“Second time around , I'm seeing & hearing Class & Polish! So much to give...Fantastic!!”

H.O. Bible - Song Time

“Twas Emperor Nero who declared "People who dance are not quite right in the mind"... I don't quite agree...”

- Slick Mix, - New World Peace Press

"She's The Sweetest Thing", music at it's best. Easy listening and feeling like your in another world. Love, Judy Shire xx Dec 22

Judy Shire - Song Time

“What a voice! Each song is an entity onto itself. Moving through the eclectic song list, one is consumed by the intimacy and wonder.”

Bob Rylett - Daily Ragtime

“These days what others think has no grit as compared to what they say...thanks for any meat you can throw this dog...”

Zikaro - Sumwunder publishing

“ Awesome music!!!Brilliant!!!! ”

Pace Ride - Here now gang

“Just love your smooth, soulful vocal style..i detect a fair bit of close-mic going on in there and I just love it! I really digg that you do all this yourself, and the skill you show for arranging and mixing it and keeping it all so heavy and emotional is just brilliant..I'm knocked over by the touching, vulnerable and graceful "emotional casualty"..simply gorgeous!”

Mike White Presents - New World Peace Press

“Randall A. Walsh has a great talent for writing songs with those heartbreaking melodies and a lyric to match. His vocals are warm and full of soul. Oct 22”

Bob Rylett - Here now gang

“Hey there's nothing finer than to have your acceptance and friendship through this vehicle...love is an ocean...”

Slick Mix - New World Peace Press