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“Leave teenage angst and reeling to the youth; because they do it best. Radkey is proof. The baton has been passed to this band of brothers (Dee on guitar, Isaiah on bass, and Solomon on drums) and they are giving us a sonic beat down with it. This is punk in its purest, raw and uncorrupted state. These kids haven’t been compromised by A&R and won’t be as long as they write the music of their destiny. Radkey has easily launched to the top of our favorites here in the Wreckroom, and we are just lucky to be amongst rocks new kingpins.”

“No gimmicks, no bullshit. I felt like I was being delivered honest quality. The audience loved them, and I was totally happy standing there next to the cigarette machine.”

“The three brothers are possibly the jewel of the St. Joseph music scene right now. They fuse together metal and punk (which may not seem like much of a stretch but I’ve seen several bands fail at this) and put together a shameless blend of their own sound.”

“Sporting clean cheeks, dreadlocks, and one fantastically groomed Billy Dee Williams moustache, they brought a simplistic and raw energy to the night. Their straightforward rock n roll borders on radio metal at times and is the perfect music to nervously bite your fingernails to. It comes across as a young man’s Van Halen/Misfits mash up, minus the chainsaw guitar solos and the really, really short bodybuilder singer obviously compensating for something. They were tight, strong, and kept the crowd (who mostly seemed to be there for them) cheering for more.”

“Band of brothers Radkey marches out of St. Joseph”

“If you’re looking for a new band that delivers a jaw-dropping performance, make room for Radkey this summer. The sibling trio has been turning heads lately thanks to their stellar songwriting, incredible love of punk rock, and exciting live performance. But there’s another detail that has folks talking about Radkey: the band is made up of young teenagers. Guitarist Dee is the only one in the group old enough to buy cigarettes, while bassist Isaiah is 17, and drummer Solomon is only 15. None of the Radke brothers are old enough to drink, but you’ll find them rocking out in Lawrence bars and thrilling even the most inebriated of crowds.”

“The trio of teenage brothers Dee (guitar), Isaiah (bass), and Solomon Radke (drums) threw out an energetic set that jumped in influences from the most obvious of Misfits and Ramones, to the earliest days of a Mod-friendly The Who, and plenty of variety in between. Dee and Isaiah, each pulling harmonies from the deepest parts of the larynx, were rarely immobile for the duration, constantly bouncing to and fro to the rhythm provided by Solomon.”

"Watching Radkey was an eye-opening experience, to say the least. And the crazy thing is that these three boys are only going to keep getting better. If Radkey’s the future of rock ‘n’ roll, I’m buying."

“Radkey's list of influences are cute, and they're probably pretty similar to your own favourites when you were a teen – especially if you are male. Regardless of the decade there will always be teenage boys excited by Led Zeppelin; they come in a never-ending parade driven by angst, alienation, and impuissance. The band's key confessed influence, however, is The Misfits. While Radkey has frequently been labeled as Ramones-esque by the local press, it's really Glen Danzig and crew that shine most apparent in the band's blend of punk aggression and classic rock ballast. The crowd at Record Bar saw that immediately.”

"The scene around here isn't very good" Radkey told the Afro-Punk blog, referring to its St. Joseph, MO hometown. It's True: YouTube clips of the garagey trio at a hometown bar & grill make you do the "yikes" face. Yet these teenage brothers seem to have benefited from the isolation. "Irrationally Yours," their take on the archetypal FUCK LOVE song, plays against type and turns the form into something chill rather than tediously bitter. Your move city slickers.

“St. Joseph's Radkey is the best area band you've never heard of. I saw the band, made up of brothers Dee, Sai and Sol, open for Fishbone back in March, and they fairly much blew my damned mind. I wasn't sure what to expect from three young kids in denim, and when I asked them what kind of music they played, they simply replied, "Rock and roll." And fuck me sideways if they don't.”

“At my age, when I think of three brothers in a band together the first thing (sadly) that pops in my mind is Hanson. Within 5 seconds of putting St. Joe band Radkey’s debut ep, “Irrationally Yours”, into my cd player it was made clear sonically that these brothers are less sugary sweet pop MMMBoppers and more hardcore warriors.”

"Radkey is a trio of teen brothers, no, not Jonas. Watch what you’re saying before saying that nonsense. Radkey plays garage rock leaning towards punk and has been playing shows with the fervor and frequency only teenagers can maintain."