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"American Idol alum Rachel Zevita recently unveiled her first single “Out of This World,” a more downtempo and rhythmic pop tune. "In 'Out of this World', her vocal prowess still evident as ever[...] It’s an excellent lite rock-pop track and with a voice like hers, nothing could go wrong[...] It makes us look forward to what else is in store in this new record [The Echo Sessions, Vol. 2]."

“Rachel Zevita[...] seems to have it all: a unique timbre and great range, while her humble attitude is entwined with a remarkable confidence on stage... captivating.”

“'The Echo Sessions: Volume 1' boasts pop tunes at its finest. [...] Like the golden days of Kylie Minogue and Madonna." "Give me five stars and I’ll give this album [The Echo Sessions, Vol.1] the universe rating.”

"The girl can actually sing–and that’s a rarity these days."

“She didn't make the cut on this season's American Idol, but that's not stopping New York native Rachel Zevita. The opera and pop singer is using the momentum from her exposure on the hit show to take things to the next level. Zevita sat down with Good Day New York...”

“New Yorker Rachel Zevita doesn't take herself too seriously and knows how to have some fun! Watch and see which judge and Idol winner she admires.”

“This year the seaside festival included a performance from American Idol contestants. Events like this help create a lasting friendship between American and Japan.”

“Rachel Zevita prepared herself for the worst, but she received the best. In this interview Rachel talks about her family and the road ahead.”

“'People think of American Idol as a competition, when we are really just friends having a good time singing together,' said Rachel Zevita, 25, from New York. ... ['T]here is room on the iPod for more than just one singer,' she said.”

“'Music people love music people,' said Rachel Zevita, who hails from New York City. She downplayed the notion that competitive tension exists between performers. 'In the competition itself, the competitors are all friends,' she said. [...] The concert was good fun, the quality of the singing and performance was good and overall it was a nice way to spend a sultry Friday evening in town.”

“'Idol' Castoff Rachel Zevita Talks Talented Contestants”