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“At 18, Rachel Honza already has a few years of songwriting under her belt. The Nederland singer — currently taking a year between high school and college to pursue her pop country dreams — wrote her first song at 12. “I think you can guess what it was about,” she said with a laugh, followed by a small sigh. “The boy in my class who liked all the other girls.” She’s still writing about boys occasionally, but that’s kind of par for the course with the genre she’s narrowed in on. Drawing inspiration from acts like the Civil Wars, Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes, Honza has released one self-titled EP of four songs covering topics in Honza’s wheelhouse: faith, fellas and country music. I always describe it as kind of a mix of positive country and pop,” she said. “For me, I try to keep everything friendly.” Honza’s songs are easily digestible pop ditties with friendly lyrics, ample country twang and her sweet, smoky vocals.”

"So you listen to this one and you kind of measure yourself where you stand as far as the Poorest Man Alive is the name of the song. And we’re proud of it because, well kind of from our hometown actually. The little lady singing it for you, from Nederland Texas, she’s 17 years old, she even wrote this one. Her name is Rachel Honza, making her world debut with us right here on Sunday’s Kind of Country, this song by the way inspired by a visit to a homeless shelter, so there you go and here it is on Sunday’s Kind of Country. I think you’re gonna like this one."

Robby Lynn - Sundays Kind of Country Radio

"Fun. Poppy. Wholesome. Country. That's Rachel Honza in a nutshell. But something tells me she won't fit inside a nutshell for long. This new talent has something fresh to offer: a sincere heartfelt sound of her own."

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“..."a talented newcomer you will be hearing a lot in the future. Rachel Honza of Nederland is only 17 years old but displays and impressive voice and musical range beyond her tender years. With her guitar and original compositions, this soulful country singer had the crowd enthralled from her first note. You'll remember where you were the first time you heard Rachel Honza".”

James Shannon - Port Arthur Business Journal