“Rabidus is a band that brings a rock sound that haunted houses are made of. “Welcome to Disaster” is a clear cut rock and roll track that brings forth a lot of adrenaline and it sounds like a song you’d head alongside Fuel. With “Blue Moon” the rock keeps coming but the heart in the delivery of this one seems to have more depth to it. That intertwined with the thrashing of the guitars and drums really gives this track a well-rounded feel. Lastly, “I Had Enough” sounds like a completely different band. Here the vocals have this horror movie aspect to them that would fare well in a Rob Zombie flick. If you’re into music that would grace the lineup on Ozzfest, check out Rabidus today? (http://rabidus.band/music/)”

“abidus is a Chicago, IL based hard rock band reminiscent of Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, Deftones and Slipknot. The group is comprised of four confidently talented American rockers: Mike Dobervich (Bass Guitar), Hubert Pieciak (Vocals / Guitar), Nikola Velisavljevic (Lead Guitar) and Tomasz Pilasiewicz (Drummer). Together the four have drawn a massive fan base with their high energy shows and straight to the point lyrics. They have recently launched their new EP with Welcome To Disaster, Blue Moon and Had Enough that captures the spontaneity and raw power of the band. Rabidus defies genre definitions with their blend of alternative rock and metal, refusing to get stuck in a box and going crazy, as their name might suggest for those who are familiar with Latin!”

“Hard Rock Band from Chicago, Rabidus Releases Its New EP with Welcome to Disaster, Blue Moon and Had Enough Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2514018#ixzz3WffFW6UW”