Queen Esther & The Hot Five / Press

“There's quite a lot to like about vocal stylist Queen Esther's reading of the slightly off center songbook of JC Hopkins on What is Love? With her strong and distinctive voice, Esther sings with great feeling and stretches tones a la Sarah Vaughan. Her interpretations of three classic standards ("Stardust," "I Cover the Waterfront," and "I'll Never Be the Same") serve as musical anchors of this recording, from which she takes flight on the seven interesting Hopkins vehicles.”

Don Lerman - Cadence Magazine

“One of the key things I noted while listening (both the 3rd and 4th times) to the CD is just how unique her vocals are... everything is totally natural, yet Queen Esther is clearly "above the pack", 'coz she makes the tunes go her way (without a hint that that's what's going on).”

Dick Metcalf - Improvijazzination Nation

“The more I listened to Queen Esther, the more I wanted to listen to Queen Esther. The band is one of the top jazz ensembles around, the songs from Hopkins are deliciously memorable and well written and Queen Esther's performance is an instant classic. She seems to bring her amazing voice from the very core of her soul and owns every song she sings. This is the best jazz album I've heard this year.”

“Queen Esther is a dramatic singer. Her lyrics are clear and pronounced, colored with inflection. Her band has a tight rhythm section with a full brass complement. They open with "Remember When", the first of seven songs written all or in part by co producer JC Hopkins. The combination is strong on tunes like "Either He's Crazy Or I Am" and "Do You Want To Go To France". The three covers are well integrated into the program, one that we found to be appreciably entertaining.”

““A nice, gutsy two fisted performance from a multi-disciplined artist that calls all her various talents to the fore to really sell a song. A solid bet for jazz vocal fans looking for a set and a performer that isn’t afraid to let it show she’s gone for the gusto.””