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“Wednesday, January 27th, 2016, my special guest was PUSHED. Jo Beth is the hardest working woman in showbiz! Just take a listen and you will see that PUSHED will rock your ass off. Click on their links to get venue information for their upcoming gigs and get PUSHED in your FACE!”

“March 15, 2015, We got in during local act PUSHED’S set. I’m gonna say this now: I was kind of hard on them in an earlier review, but I am the first to admit when I am wrong. This band seriously kicks ass, and singer Jo Beth is an absolute powerhouse, make no mistake about it! So if you see their name on a bill, I suggest you GOOOO!!”

“Deep Fridays in Deep Ellum October 5 You missed one hell of a party if you didn't make it out last night! The Curtain Club killed it by having Pushed on the bill. Devil Girl will always get ya with her horns! Sucker Punch and Wolf Jaw didn't disappoint over at the Boiler Room, either. Great job guys, you sounded outstanding! Where were all the Red Dirt/Texas Country fans, though? Reno's Live had Twisted Pistols and Dan Dennison, and you missed it! Shame on you. Great venues, awesome bands, even better friends...hope to see more of you guys next month!”

“uta radio * PUSHED review July 11, 2013 at 11:51pm This Dallas-based outfit sounds like LA Guns and Faster Pussycat had a love child. But you can also hear other, harder influences in there. And have you checked out their Twitter page? What's with the horns? Anyway, we think you'll likey. Take a listen. Then go get some holy water.”


“MikeFerri @MikeFerri 17 Sep Last call, any bands we should know about right now? Who would your dream support bands be for a US WATIC headliner? Lance Liguez @Liguez 17 Sep @MikeFerri #TheBreakfastMachine @LightandLadder @pushed_ #TheRavenCharter just to name a few Retweeted by Pushed”

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“Good morning!! I had the best time last night with everyone!! Ommgeeee, Pushed ROCKED the Boiler Room...If you wasnt there, you missed out on one helluva show!! My ears are still ringing this morning!! Jo Beth/Pushed was in rare form last night, Kickass performance by that group!!!..All I can say is WOW!!!”

fan from great white gig!