Pryory of Syn / Press

“Supertight playing and very good guitar work ... amazing song structures ... really like it ... keep up the very good work.”

Möbius, AlienLimbSign - Reverbnation

“What the fuck is this shit?”

Eaton T. Watts - blogger

“Killer tunes, gets me more excited than a pedophile playing Santa Claus.”

Metal Maiden - Brain Stem Examiner

“Fucking sick. :)”

“Fucken oath!! This shit kicks arse!!!”

Norwood Grimes - Reverbnation

“Absolute Masterpiece.”

Fekete Lunir - Reverbnation

“It's okay, needs more work...”

"What? No I've never heard of them."

Hugh Jassole - Harland Bystander

“...where tempest and darkness in autumn embraces the lavish light from the springs and reflect in the quivering waves... somewhere at the end of universe, in a long forgotten land. A place where all legends begin...”

“ohh..man..it's a F@****** songs.. Hahahah, i'am very like your songs....”

virtuoso - Reverbnation

“Always a pleasure to pass from your profile.”

Chained and Desperate - Reverbnation

“Um, why does your name sound familiar? I don't know.”

“Pryory of Syn's music is like soft, chewy diamonds filled with cynical bile of modern life. It's easy going down but then rips you up inside.”

Eileen Eulik - Brutalizer Zine

“I love this artsie fartsie stuff. Good shit, Cheers!!!”

DrinkHorn - Vestigal Probe