Prylosis / Press

“Going into the finals, Prylosis had the most votes overall from the preliminary shows... It was clear they were a fan favorite when they took the stage at the finals, and they did not disappoint; their mind-bending metal left the bruised and sweaty mosh pit denizens begging for more... pg 38”

“Your Music Magazine Interview Pg. 37”

“Prylosis is a ground shaking behemoth of a band whose 3 electric guitars produce crushing riffs and guitar tones that are capable of drowning Godzilla's most fiercest roar which then sends the oversized reptile running back to the bottom of the ocean! The band has been on the move and making great headway as they smash through Music Battles and travel the West Coast. Their latest release "Rebuilding The Broken" can be found everywhere from itunes to Amazon. The band works hard and has several awesome plans brewing. The band is in the studio working with Matt from Sandman Productions on a new album and they have a huge gig at Whiskey A Go Go in L.A. for the Metal Sanaz birthday bash”