Prosad / Press

“Prosad is a passionate musician who is a master on the sitar, a plucked stringed instrument with East Indian roots.”

“Trance Sitar Party was awesome last night.”

Awais Jaffery - www.desivibe.ca

“The highlight and truly the best performance (of the 2006 World Electronic Music Festival) is awarded to Canadian artist and sitar player Prosad. ”

Miss Money Penny - www.etn.fm –dance community network

“People seemed rejuvenated and danced without inhibition, eyes closed.”

Kelly Brenton - Etcetera Newspaper- Humber College

“I have never heard any other music like it before. I have received very good responses from the public for playing his music on the radio. For me this is a sign of a great up-and-coming new artist.”

Jeff Selver - CHRY 105.5 fm, York University Community Campus Radio Station

“Prosad was able to create a soothing atmosphere by combining Classic Indian sitar with trance and funk, totally worth checking out and grooving to.”