Project Pain / Press

“Táák, toto je európsky thrash ako remeň. Má všetky ingrediencie ako kvalitný zvuk gitár, ktoré režú do živého”

“But there will always be that old school saviors like PROJECT PAIN who will show you the song naked and easy on the ears, and in Thrash – all you need to do is just blast out with an album title like “Thrashed To Kill”.”

“‘Sent off to Die’ is the fifth song on the album and has razor-sharp riffs that will break your neck, has a solo for the diversity within the song and excellent drums.”

“The album has more barnburners than Amsterdam has "coffee houses"… The listener is bombarded by an unrelenting array mach666 riffs and all sorts of venom.”

"Zero Tolerance" o "Necrophiliac" per convincersi che "Thrashed to Kill" rappresenta in ogni caso un buon ascolto, ed il corpulento Bauke alla voce, una sorta di Russ Andersson senza note alte, è una garanzia di positiva sguaiataggine e buon carisma.

“Ik kan het niet vaak genoeg zeggen: het is een topplaat geworden, die bij veel thrashmetalfans hoog in het verlanglijstje zal eindigen.”

“- Pure old school thrash, for people that like the aggression and style of Slayer combined with the melody of Testament.”

“- Instrumentalnie słychać Exodusa (z BBB, a jakże), Slayera, Anthrax, Annihilator, a nawet Toxik (gościnne solo Josha Christiana).”

“- Project Pain op haar best in pure snelheidsduivels als het gejaagde Zero Tolerance. Ook het slotstuk Taken By Force heeft zo'n lekker gedreven inborst. Alsof een horde losgeslagen pitbulls je op de hielen zit.”

“- Overall, a superb album full of aggression, attitude and brutality, with every song a pulsating and breathtaking rampage of excellent thrash metal.”

“Dass die klare Produktion sonst Riffgitarren in all ihrer Schärfe in den Vordergrund stellt, versteht sich von selbst, ist ja schließlich Thrash.”

“- Slayer ten tijde van 'Show No Mercy' en Testament ten tijde van 'The Legacy' zijn hoorbaar van grote invloed op dit Amersfoortse kwintet.”

“- Project Pain is another thrash band in this world who does not need to prove anything to anyone. All these guys need to do is plug in their guitars, lay down a brutal rhythm, and have their vocalist fearlessly yell into the mic as the band pounds out killer thrash tune.”

“This is the shit from Holland, PROJECT PAIN, started out early 2011 playing thrash metal with a capital T!!! This is what we, or at least I, have been waiting for, for some time now, and I'm sure of it, Holland has got his own 'Exodus' from now on!”

“Project Pain is staking their claim to the thrash throne and I have Sinned is an album worthy of the sceptre. It's not very often that I find a band that has roots in old-school thrash, yet I can hardly name a band that they sound like! I can hear a bit of the German bay area sound, but they are not a Kreator, or Destruction clone. They are distinctly Project Pain, and I Have Sinned is their battle flag! Can you feel the pain?”

“Nu ik Testament toch genoemd heb, dit is wel een goeie referentie in welke richting je deze muziek moet zoeken. Dan doe ik er ook nog een dot Exodus bij, een klein scheutje NWOBHM, en dan zijn we compleet. ”

“What you’ve got here is a thrash metal album which is going bring thrash back to the glory days, show that there’s bands out there still doing it well, and show that Holland could be the new Bay Area.”