Profhet / Press

“I love Luther Vandross, and you did him right! Thanks for finding me, and Happy New Year! Janice”

Janice Kephart

“I can always count on my hometown, Twin Cities, to produce amazing musicians, and Profhet continues the tradition! Great songs like, "I Like Dat" will keep Minneapolis and St. Paul on the vangaurd!”

SpEnt fiXer

"I LIKE DAT"- enjoyed the listen, GREAT song!! Just shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to listen too! All the best!

Darren Cinque

“I really like your voice! It's very sexy! Especially on So real. (You said Sacramento! Haha So cool!) I also really like Love me right. Very nice. Keep up the good work.”

Miss Hightower

“wonderful classic hip hop sound, I love your production, great melodies and beats. Very smooth flows, very intelligent lyrics. I am a fan!”


“Hey Profhet, Thanks for connecting. I like the way you show appreciation for women in your lyrics in Predictable Love. I can appreciate music like this. Keep doing it. Bless, Shailaun”


"All I Need Is You"...very nice...You paint a picture and make the listener feel the message you are conveying and I feel it from that place way down deep inside that only one feels when a connection between two people becomes apparent. All the world needs is "PROFHET". Gary Mitchell/WILL TOMMY JONES


“I am so loven' this vibe......it's hip hop but it's smooth like butter.”

Gershelle - Reverbnation

“i checCed your page and listenin' all yer songs, and i got 1 word fo you mayynn.. DOPE !!! yer songs are awesome.. i can't describe it, because it's so amazing..!!!!! ”

ice "Hustla" B - Reverbnation

“Profhet Rules!!! pumpin' groove within great sounds and strong idea in Lyrics. "I Like That" i do Like that so much.”

Fajri Rusani - Reverbnation

“u gotta crazy delievery my dude shytt hott ”

Kae Da Spirit - Reverbnation

“The best real rap i heard in a while ”

Yung Dave - Reverbnation


JasonBILL$ - Reverbnation

“Awesome, great lyric impressive and magnificent compositions. Here is a music that I’m willing to play all day long on my car!!!! ”

Young Izaak; Jozyan El D-Mente Ft. Jon Jon: Pati y Pami - Reverbnation

“Number 1 on the chart that speaks for it self,if it aint broke dont try to fix it, keep grindin profhet”

BLOOD SOULJA - Reverbnation

“refreshing! ”

diamonah - Reverbnation

“All is good. Feelin that Oh Yes and Predictable. Keep your head up and keep grinding. ”

MIKE SHACK - Reverbnation

“I like yo track.Like yo views and like you got emotion with yo music. "I like that" ”

Hood MVP - Reverbnation

“'Like that' got me stuck. I need to add this to my daily wake up playlist. I gets dressed to this. I eats breakfast to this. I rolls to work bumping 'Like That'. I made my supervisor listen to it. I can officially say that I LIKE THAT! Get at me! ”

Big Twin One - Reverbnation

“Slappers Slappers Slappers and one moe time SLAPPERS!!!! lol NICE ”

Onaje Givan - Reverbnation

“dude your flow is impecable!! you have it nailed. especially on predictable love. keep it up man and God bless ”

K-JiL - Reverbnation

“Nice vibe man....diggin the delivery....keep doing yo thang ”

King James III - Producer - Hip Hop, Pop, R&B - Reverbnation

“Yo Profhet!!!! Nice flow I like the original flava keep doing you stay up!”

DaZoneman - Reverbnation

“Keep doin that shit bro! yo shit bangin my nigga!”

Diamond Kid - Reverbnation


DARK-SIDE - Reverbnation

“I like the sounds,keep grindin. Much love from SYS”

SYS Productions - Reverbnation

“music is hot ”

Cozy Moe - Reverbnation

“your songs r hott!!! love ery single one ”

Mz Malz - Reverbnation

“Man you got skillz as well as hott beatz, keep up the steller work! ”

Jason Barden - Reverbnation

“Can't even front on the reccomendation fam--Nice Work”

ONE BEYOND - Reverbnation

“Yo what up homie! I'm diggin that I LIKE THAT! Keep makin them hitz bro!!! I'm wit it ya dig...”

Da Governor of Crunk - Reverbnation

“I'm checking out ya work & I must say, The lyrical content is exceptionally written, BRAVO!!!”

John D. Green Sr - Reverbnation


Music Vision Producers - Reverbnation

“keep up the good music man....u got that raw talent”

D-Man - Reverbnation

“Great work Profhet! Your jedi Skills are quite advanced!”

GROWNFOLK MUSIK - Reverbnation

“Keep Doin your thang fam. Profhet style is the next big rapper comin out of minnesota, believe that!”

“I'm feeling your style, Great beats n rhymes I can bop my head to.”

Franchezka Thornton (Fan) - Reverbnation

“I love your music! And I wish you much continued success in all of your present and future endeavors.”

“Great tracks !!! "Till The End" is awesome !!!!!!!!!!”

She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Profhet: I love your music! The "Predictable Love" song really grabs me the most...the video is awesome!”

Annice Graves - Reverbnation

“Enjoy listening to your music. I like you website too. keeping doing what you do”

“I lurve yr songs n' music. Unpredictably great!”

Alkaryana - Reverbnation

“DAMNNN your tracks are TIGHT ! ”

Dillz - Reverbnation

“Got some hot tracks!!!!”

ECKO SHOW - Reverbnation

"I Fucks Wit Ya" RealRap!!

Your'sTruly...ELOHES The Great - Revrbnation

“AWESOME Keep Grindin!! Much Respect Melo♪y ”

Melody - Reverbnation

“mmm we LOVE underground on the west coast :)These are tough tracks! Keep it up youre doin it!! :)”

Sarah Hughes - Reverbnation

“I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!”

MISTY BLEU - Reverbnation

“Hey Profhet ! Your music is dope !”

Catalina Toma - Reverbnation

“The real deal, tried and true... look up Hip Hop on Wiki, there should be a picture of u Profhet. Really enjoyed the tracks man.”

QettSevOn - Reverbnation

“I love your vocals. Real hot!”

Divine Charle'nee - Reverbnation

“Profhet dope music.”

Krem'nto - Reverbnation

“I must say, I love your voice....1 of a kind, very unique”

GENIA WOODS - Reverbnation


Shadina - Reverbnation

“Predictable love is a nice song, well done ! ”

Gate57Music - Reverbnation

“Keep up the Good work, Good Sound you have their All The Best From Australia ”

Defina - Reverbnation

“Im feelin yo music bro keep killin em out here. ”

Be EZ - Reverbnation

“Awesome sound, great vox, magical rapping.”

Bella Sky - Reverbnation

“Lovin the sounds,nice vibe”

Cygnus X-1 - Reverbnation

“Great writing! Sounds great!”

Keeli - Reverbnation