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Brooks Brewer - Facebook

“Prof Fuzz 63: Psychedelic music is alive and well with these guys. There are some really cool sounds that come out of the speakers when these guys plug in.”

Joshua Reed - The Confounded Review

“Prof Fuzz 63 open up the show and they play a special brand of garage pop. It's got the organ parts of something like "? And the Mysterians", the stripped back drumming style of a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the guitar playing reminded me a bit of John Hiatt for some reason but that may be because Mike was wearing a Tom Waits shirt and I always get Waits and Hiatt confused in my head. Mike's a guitar head like me and he's got really unique guitars with just a neck pickup goldfoil and a couple of fuzz pedals and his tone was always spot on for what they were doing. And what were they doing? They had songs about Pandas, Van Stoner's Stoner Van, some Weekly World News topics and just strange but smart songwriting. Before we start we're all mingling around telling stories and meeting some new folks. Ronnie introduces me to Phillip and I say hi. He looks familiar but I can't place him. He really dug Prof Fuzz 63. Turns out he's the drummer from the Old 97's. Well I'll be dammed.”

Bobbo Byrnes - CCWM

“So, Professor Fuzz, have you been in suspended animation since the '60's? You've got the vibe. I'm going to have that song ["king of hong kong"] stuck in my head for days. Well done, Sir!”


Some guy's wife - The Storehouse

“True hoodoo garage rock from Fort Worth. Kinda Beat Happening, kinda The Cramps, kinda awesome earworm songs you'll be singing along with by the second chorus.”

“The songs go exactly where you think they will go. You are not hearing anything new if you have even a passing familiarity with the history of rock & roll in the 1960s. But it does not lessen the experience one bit. The songs are clever, they will make you laugh, and most importantly, they make you want to hear them again and again. I can listen to “The King of Hong Kong” once and be singing it to myself for days afterwards. Chinese Folk Songs is just good, subversive fun.— KELLY MINNIS”

“There are certain labels that have a good enough reputation that when they release music, it’s worth noting. Idol Records fits that category, as does Hand Drawn Records. But I’d also have to add Dreamy Life Records to that list. Their latest release is from Prof.Fuzz 63, a group that has had some rather interesting comparisons. Fans have described them as everything from the “love child of Tom Waits and the Supersuckers” to “1991 Mudhoney with fuzzed out guitars and British Invasion organ.” My favorite comparison? The person who said they sound “like the Velvet Underground, but not as cool as Lou Reed because, who is?” Can’t argue with that logic. Speaking of cool, you’ve gotta love an act that would name a song “Minnie Pearl Watch Over Me”.”

“The Prof. Fuzz 63 — its very name evokes the likes of Strawberry Alarm Clock or Chocolate Watchband — describes its sound as “lo-fi, fuzzed-out, garage folk.” (The band also cites Sparklehorse, Tom Waits and the Velvet Underground as inspirations.) Given such a colorful set-up, it comes as no surprise that Fort Worth’s premiere purveyor of the trippy, Dreamy Life Records, is responsible for the release of the Dallas trio’s debut album, Chinese Folk Song. Guitarist/vocalist Professor Fuzz, organist Sleepy Redhead and drummer Julie G worked with producer Britt Robisheaux at Fort Worth’s Cloudland Studio to craft these eight tracks, many of which sport some of the best titles I’ve seen in years: Minnie Pearl Watch Over Me; Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.”

“This week’s Soundcheck features a couple of bands on Dreamy Life Records releasing albums tomorrow! The folks at 1912 Club let us shoot two bands and turned on the groovy, psychedelic lights. Both Dallas-based bands, Professor Fuzz 63 and Mercury Rocket, played a tune for us and sat down for an awkward, half-drunken interview with the palest fellow on Youtube. Check out the video, and then go see both acts tomorrow night at 1912 Club (1912 Hemphill St.). Fort Worthians The Fibs and Dallas’ Kallohonka are also on the bill.”

"Chinese Folk Songs by another Dallas trio, Professor Fuzz 63, is a little quieter, a little groovier, and a little more Velvet Underground-inspired than their fellow Dallas label mates [Mercury Rocket] but no less fascinated by ’60s psychedelia."

“The Prof.Fuzz 63 are like the sons and daughters of the Velvets: Jonathan Richman, Steve Wynn/Dream Syndicate, The Cramps.”

Kelly M. - The Ex-Op Review

“The sum of the Nuggets and Pebbles compilations...”

Wonko Zuckerberg - The Zuckerberg Review

"Great band, I dig your vibe. The first song I was like whaaaa? But when you rocked a song about krill, then I was totally :dude"

“Prof. Fuzz 63 reminds me of 1991 Mudhoney, fuzzed out guitars with British Invasion organ.”

Kelly M. - The Ex-Op Review

"Bacon Waltz!" Sounds like a song Tom Waits would write while watching Top Chef... love it.

Jim F. (Film critic and scholar) - TGP

“Could possibly be the best song written!!”