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The Invitation”, the album inspired by Rumi, the Sufi Poet of Love

Prayan presents her new album entitled “The Invitation”, a CD made up of 10 New Age songs in English inspired by the Persian poet Rumi. The album's tracks are composed, played on the piano and sung by an artist who introduces us to a great Muslim poet, Rumi, for the first time. She does so from a European perspective, thus in a different, Western expressive context.

Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi the Sufi Persian Mystic, Poet of Love, has inspired thousands and thousands of people over the centuries with his vision that our relationship with the Divine is a journey of Love.

He left marvellous verses to the world, poems which gave Prayan her inspiration, chosen by her for an “inner resonance”, for their beauty or their choral quality.
Originally in Persian, the Artist selected the poems in their translation by the contemporary poet Coleman Barks who, thanks to his more modern style, has made Rumi currently the most widely read poet of the United States.

In two tracks, there is the Middle-Eastern groove of Marco Fadda's percussion.
As regards composition, the track sequence flows into a “musical continuum” of tones and atmosphere that could be defined as a “suite”.

“In the house of lovers the music never stops.
The walls are made of songs and the floor dances.”



“We’re talking about an extraordinary singer who knows how to surprise as only a few do. A voice, a history, and an experience set in the future. It is intense, clean, rough and sweet, and comes on quick”.
Letizia Airos “Mariangela Bettanini. Music as a journey”. i-Italy.

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