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“Power Theory And Corpse Hoarder Win Wacken Battle Philadelphia Round!!”

“17. Power Theory @PowerTheory – Beyond Tomorrow (After The Fall) Premium 365 Radio #Top20 #Chart #Week2”

“Power Theory – Featured Band On 365 Radio Network”

“Power Theory aren’t speed merchants, so thrash and speed metal elements are more the exception than the norm, even though album opener “Spinstress”, as well as the title track, are hard-hitting, more fast-paced tracks.”

“Loud Guitars, Drums, bass, and a powerful voice to command operations firmly”

“All the elements that you need in order to enjoy a good metal album such as passionate performances, good riffs, melodies and solo parts are here and above all POWER THEORY is a band that combines passion with experience.”

“But the songs appeal to the purist metal lovers certainly better than if you would have dared here the occasional excursion into the modern age”

“Power Theory deliver a new album full of powerful, in your face, ferocious heavy metal.”

“Generally the finger at "Driven By Fear" is in fact significantly stronger on the trigger than to "An Axe To Grind" times.”

“t took 3 years to complete the third album, but the wait is over, and ‘Driven By Fear’ is ready to conquer the world.”

“A beautiful square and US Power rocky, that of Power Theory. Mindful of the lessons of the myths of the genre (Riot, Armored Saint, Helstar, Metal Church) and also struck by the masters of the European School (Maiden, Accept, Saxon), the five Americans - in their third album - once again demonstrate to know how to lead home the bread to the sound of hot metal.”

““Driven by Fear” is full of good influences of Traditional Heavy Metal and POWER THEORY explore this fully in their third release. The production is impressive, the band plays well, and you can’t get tired to listening the songs. I recommend buying their discography and contributing to this band.”

“What a beautiful surprise to us the guys from POWER THEORY have prepared here with their new album!!”

“Print full to the point placed in double bass (drum) attacks, Captivating twin guitar solos, epic singalong parts, powerful groove riffs, rapid tempo changes, melodic structures, razor-sharp kill end riffing, isolated Speed ​​/ thrashy tinged Parts”

“At the end DRIVEN BY FEAR has everything to mature on a shelf of a classic. Absolute must-buy!”

“(Pure Steel) Gli inossidabili us metallers Power Theory, della Pennsylvania, arrivano come un carrarmato al terzo disco (il secondo è recensito QUI). Sullo stello livello del platter che l’ha preceduto, “Driven by Fear” si muove con destrezza fra America (per la maggior parte del tempo) ed Europa, mettendo insieme più stilemi del power tradizionale. Si comincia con “Spintress”, un up-tempo che avvicina ancora di più il sound a quello degli Helstar (anche per le occasionali somiglianze nel cantato fra James Rivera e il nuovo singer Jeff Rose), ma ha ancora dei punti di contatto con i Metal Church se non con i Sacred Steel. “Long hard Road” è più classica, con un riff fra Accept e Saxon; dopo una curiosa intro di synth, la titletrack è una potente cavalcata che piega talora addirittura verso il power/thrash. Ancora più stentorea e battagliera “Dark Eagle”, brano che si sposta di nuovo verso la scuola tedesca; “Cut & Run” ondeggia fra us power veloce (ancora u”

"Driven by Fear"CD 09 october 2015 Pure Steel Records. USA Power Metal who has adopted a new singer that rips the whole album! This is a masterpiece for every Metal fans! Not kidding been listening to it so many times i can't get out of my head. To me the best album for yet to come October a mix of Heavy melodies and Thrashy riffs. For the fans of Paragon, Agent Steel, Megadeth, Laaz Rockit... voted best album by Metal Zone Prod.666 100/100

“Am 09. Oktober 2015 wird das Album "Driven By Fear" von POWER THEORY auf CD veröffentlicht. Der Vorverkauf beginnt am 25. September 2015.”

“US power metallers, Power Theory, have announced that drummer Márton Veress (Armageddon, Pokolgép) will be joining them on the continued Driven By Fear Tour 2015. Márton will be filling in for Nick Bunzck on dates he cannot play with Power Theory.”

“This new single roils with aggression, crashing down hard at every stroke. It promises more great music from their upcoming album, Driven By Fear”

“Did you guys encounter any challenges in the studio or was it a pretty smooth recording process? Well yes, challenges always occur in the recording process and some of the songs got demoed 3 times with changes etc, “Cut and Run” was one for example.”

“POWER THEORY has unveiled the cover artwork for “Driven By Fear” (see below), completed by Timo Wuerz. The album has been under wraps for well over a year now and the final recordings are scheduled to begin January 10th and 11th at TTR Studios in Philadelphia, PA.”

“Hailing from Pennsylvania, Power Theory present their debut album, which was originally self released last year. Touching on classic metal sounds, there are plenty of British influences, but with a vocal phrasing that is similar to WASP’s Blackie Lawless in some places. If that is not enough to wet your pallet, there is no compromise in quality, especially taking a stab in the dark with an epic ballad in “When The Rain Comes Down”; this even possesses the same build up as considered classics ‘Sleeping (In The Fire) and even “The Idol”, both by the aforementioned WASP. There are moments of average thrash attempted, but the main jewel in the crown is the traditional metal, “Never Surrender (Terror Time)” particularly stands out as ranking alongside the British Metal greats – no not Priest (as nearly every band appears to have that influence), but Saxon, Samson (“Shock Tactics” era) and similar ilk genre defining greats! There are rousing sing along choruses and shr”

“Producer Achim Kohler, who has already worked with the likes of Brainstorm and Primal Fear, has the production nailed to a tee; it is vibrant and easily displays the music of these Americans. Take the opener, “Prevaricator”, which rhythmically gives the album a fresh edge and a strong foundation for what will be built upon throughout its runtime. Even the epic features on “Revelation” tag themselves to early US power Metal; Malice springs to mind and some NWOBHM in a rush of excitement that gives you a powerful vocal delivery by Santini, although there seems to be little restraint. But you better believe that this is authentic. The closing track gallops and shreds to pieces, using every trick in the musician’s arsenal. A strong release, though I feel this band could give more, but in the meantime it will do nicely thank you very much! ”

"Pure Steel 2011. Fantastic US power metal band from pensylvania. In the vein of METAL CHURCH, old SAVATAGE and some NWoBHM influences. The voice is very close to the legendary DAVID WAYNE (R.I.P.)."

"what POWER THEORY represents musically: classic, crunchy, riff-based and strongly NWOBHM-flavored Heavy Metal that takes no prisoners, but rolls over its listeners beautifully yet so mercilessly like tomorrow would never come.The quality voice of Dave Santini also adds nicely sort of 'feeling home' vibe to the record, reminding me vocally of a cross between Udo Dirkschneider, Biff Byford and even Sy Keeler occasionally here and there, whilst instrumental-wise the other musicians in the band seem to be well aware of their roles to support Bob's original vision about POWER THEORY. "Out Of The Ashes, Into The Fire" earns a fair amount of ' thumbs up' for being a good Metal record"!

"This is a new US band who are very into early Euro classic metal like UDO, Accept, and Saxon. This is a crunchy, headbanging, riff-oriented affair that has no ambition to break any molds, it just wants to have a good time. The vocals are that kind of rough and ready snarl which very much reminds me of Udo or Biff Byford in the old days. Some of the leads on here are really kickass, and the band shows a real flair for pounding, propulsive riffs."

"Representing elements from classic and melodic metal, all combined with clear influence of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest in a mix of some great thrash — Pennsylvania’s Power Theory have taken their self-released 11-track album Out of Ashes, Into the Fire and made it an international independent label’s hit.Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire is quite the treat. For a debut full-length, the caliber of both the composition and musicianship is represented to it’s very best. Power Theory a little bit special.Despite the dark-sounding track names and lyrics, these tracks are surprisingly uplifting. Nothing in this album is overdone where it becomes annoying; no over use of chugging guitars, fast unnecessary solos, or the abuse of high-pitched notes.This Pennsylvania power house might be headed for international stardom — strongly recommend it for those ready to spirit away to the early likes of some good power melodic metal". Hardrock Haven rating:8/10

"Their first full-length debut album Out Of The Ashes, Into The Fire is an intense thrill ride from start to finish. Led by vocalist Dave Santini and Bob “BB” Ballinger, the power and fury of this album is infectious and contagious. The rough and edgy style of Santini’s vocals is very reminiscent of Metal Church’s David Wayne or a young Jon Oliva from Savatage. Combined with the powerful riffs produced by Ballinger, the album has a very “classic” feel and sound."

“Power Theory's Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire is entertaining and original 'true' metal; classic melodic heavy/power metal delivered through strong songs and skillful musicianship.”

“I really enjoyed this debut full length from Power Theory. I think this is pretty solid stuff. I wish these guys the very best of luck in finding an amiable label with the budget to dress this product up with the kind of packaging this music deserves. They obviously busted their collective asses making this thing and the star power mastering skills of Achim Kohler can only help them move in that direction I would think.”

“The album's title track is a right little ass kicker, sure to recall the fierce aggression of mid to late eighties heavy metal, when bands of a more traditional ilk infused steroids into their sound to compete with the emergence of the burgeoning thrash metal scene.”

"Heart of Darkness" opens with a doomy foreboding riff that would make Grandpa Iommi proud, before picking up the slack with a catchy mid-tempo thumping verse section. Guitarist Bob "BB" Ballinger mixes things up a bit on "When The Rain Comes Down" showcasing his acoustic, ballad like abilities under a soothing introspective vocal performance from Mr. Santini. Something really cinematic about this number, offering up a different dynamic all together then the other ten tunes.

“Power Theory are a four piece heavy metal band from Tullytown, Pennsylvania with a broad range of influences culled from the NWOBHM, Bay Area thrash and German power metal genres. They have previously recorded the self released "Metal Forever" EP as well as a CD single prior to this current release.”

“Power Theory. Musically this is no bullshit, meat and potatoes American heavy metal. Vocalist Dave Santini has a somewhat venomous, raspy quality to his voice, but can also hang at the deep end of the pool with more melodic textures as demonstrated on the opening track track "Prevaricator".”

“Power Theory Nearly a year after “Slay(ing) the Beast Within” with a new CD, the Tullytown heavy-metalers make their triumphant return to Championships Sports Bar and Grill (931 Chambers St., Trenton) Saturday night. Old school in a Judas Priest-arm-wrestling-James Dio sort of way, you can tell the guys are metal because that’s what their songs are about. For instance, “Insane (Metal’s Part Of My Brain)!” squeals the lyrics “I don’t care what they say, this feeling never goes away, insane is part of my brain, heavy metal flows through my veins.” For fans of Iron Maiden, ’80s Black Sabbath and Dokken. ON THE BEAT by ”

“Metal Maniaxe Radio Metal Maniaxe Radio is featuring a true Metal band... Metal Maniaxe Radio is featuring a true Metal band from the Philadelphia area called Power Theory (A Metal Maniaxe exclusive) they "ARE" a true metal band as as it says on thier EP. METAL FOREVER!!!!!!”

“5.0 out of 5 stars Metal Forever by Power Theory, May 19, 2009 If you are into Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Manowar then you will like Power Theory, excellent guitar riffs with powerful vocals puts this album in a class with the fore mentioned bands, I can only wait to see what they think of next.”

"Tullytown headbangers remain spellbound on vintage heavy metal seen in Dokken and Manowar dramatics, while dropping triumphant choruses insisting the listener to "SLAY THE BEAST WITHIN." in Trenton, NJ. For their CD release Party. Friday May 15th 2009

“ WZZO fm 95.1 "Power Theory is the tightest groups of metal musi... "Power Theory is the tightest groups of metal musicians that i've heard in a while! fuckin' TIGHT guitars, fuckin' TIGHT drums----fuckin' METAL!"”