Poor Favor / Press

“Poor Favor last night at Headhunters! These guys play in front of 10 people like they are playing to a crowd of 80,000. Next time they're in Austin you should check them out!!”

Jeremiah Walters - facebook

“Poor favor gets me drunk everytime. Fuck yes.”

Brea Guettner - facebook

“Have you told poor favor thank you for such beautiful music lately if not do so soon”

Pete Cruz - facebook

“Awesome show guys!!! Yall are welcome any time!”

Threads Venue - facebook

“Great show! Hope to see you boys soon :D”

Jenny Joy - facebook

“u guys suck”

Paul Julian - facebook

“Saw you guys at CC ArtWalk. Blown away! Keep on going, fellas. Come to Austin and rock some faces; we are always looking for fresh acts.”

Jeremiah Walters - facebook

“What is this?”

Jared Boyer - facebook

“Diggin' "needed you most". would like to hear more mp3s from you cats.”

Jordan Olivo - facebook

“Bad. ass.”

Stephanie Green - facebook

“poor favor, fuckin a!! ftw!!!! ”

John Eric Castillo - facebook

“Dude poor favor is such a sick band. They play with heart and you can see it. Glad to play with all 3 of these guys”

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