The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra / Press

"The innovative Melbournians took their receptive audience on a 90-minute ride throug the realms of afrobeat, funk, hip-hop and soul."

Ted Schlechte - The West Australian (The Wire Mag)

“The percussive, horn laden funk monster unleashed by Nigerian afro-beat inventor Fela Kuti in the 1960’s is in good hands with this formidable Melbourne ensemble”

“Complementing their authentic Afro-beat groove with upfront rapping MCs, sassy female backing vocals and a cracking horn section, the Public Opinion conglomerate creates an irresistible mix…an enticing & proudly funky affair.”

Seth Jordan - ABC Limelight

“Close your eyes and you'd be forgiven for thinking you were hearing an all-black group from Nigeria... impressively authentic”

“The tradition of sociopolitical commentary and the can-do philosophy, established by the Afrobeat patriarch and carried on by his sons Femi and Seun, are evident in punchy songs such as Two Sides of the Truth and Let Them Know... Do Anything Go Anywhere sounds as if it could have been cut in Lagos rather than in downtown Melbourne.”

"one of the most extraordinary live bands to come out of Melbourne in the past decade"

"This impressive, large-scale ensemble takes its inspiration from the Abrobeat sound of the '60s and '70s, and created an instant party atmosphere with its authentically voluptuous grooves. Actually, I found this Melbourne band more compelling than the much-hyped Ethiopiques ensemble"

“The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra avoids the usual stumbling blocks of Australia funk to deliver a slick, colourful and - dare I say - 'cool' track, ripe for the summer festival circuit. Get your hips ready for some serious shaking.”

“lovin it. it's killer man.. can't wait to pick the moment and thwack a packed floor with it.”

“Amazing new afrobeat release…as good as ANYTHING in the world right now. The Poet MC TUMI picks it up to a new level on his delivery and the vocals that the band have are cool call & response style. A really confident horn section delivers the message & the rhythm section is right up with them!”