P.M.P. / Press

“I really enjoy your sound, and the british influence you show (I realize that you are German, don't worry). Great pop sense and hooks. I like it.”

12 String Scott - ReverbNation

“You guys have a fantastic sounding band. I enjoyed you'r music.”

Sonny Boy Baker (North Las Vegas, NV) - ReverbNation

“kooooooool really dig the guitaring soundz!!”

DawnDark - ReverbNation

“awesome tracks!!”

Nonstop To Cairo - ReverbNation

“Without a Word is an awesome track and oddly enough reminds us of overnight sensation motorhead album.”

Midnight Mob - ReverbNation

“'Without a Word' - really great. Love the guitars and vocal.”

Tobias Smollet - ReverbNation

“Wow, "Without A Word" is outstanding! The lyrics, vocals, guitar work, bass and drums kick @SS, excellent song! Rocko-(Pete) & JV-(John)”

The Honest Mistake Band - ReverbNation

“Great music and vocals, I enjoyed it very much.”

Kimmy B Shade - ReverbNation


The Abbeys - ReverbNation

“Great songs and Great playing, Good lead guitar on "Your Love" Good to be a fan. Much success to you and your Project. Keep on Rocking.”

Guitarzan and the Fretters - ReverbNation

“Cool music, well done, a lot of feeling and passion !!”

Ahmed Fetoui - ReverbNation

“Great Sounds!”

The Blues Addicts - ReverbNation

“Killer tunes you have going on here!!”

Stephen Morse - ReverbNation

“your songs are superb great awsome love to listen”

mohnysh - ReverbNation

“Its great to meet you! Listening to,Your Love, great track, what a fine mix.”

John Hasnip - ReverbNation

“Awesome! Love it!”

Adam Schoch - ReverbNation

“Superb Songs, Music and Performance. Outstanding.”

Robert Allen - ReverbNation

“As a matter of fact I really dig "Bloody Sunday Blues" clean and gritty at the same time! Great piece and well produced.”

Angry Clown - ReverbNation

“you have a very unique vibe to your stuff. i really love to listen. they become contagious after a while. killer guitar work/words..dingoboy”

Raised By Dingoes - ReverbNation

“I'm stuck by the world class intro that kicks off your song. The song (remark: "Your Love" is meant) weaves in & out so beautifully.”

Ronny James - ReverbNation