PRD.Vocals' Songs


85 Songs • 325 min

Angels Singing Lullabies (Featuring La Lisa Magdaleno) PRD.Vocals
I'm Your Angel (Featuring LaLisa Magdalena) PRD.Vocals
Lost Child (Featuring La Lisa Magdaleno) PRD.Vocals
Save Me A Place (Featuring Tom Roxx) PRD.Vocals
Going Gently (with Pleudoniem and Oorlab) PRD.Vocals
Love is Gone (Featuring Dave Cooper on Vocals) PRD.Vocals
Show Me The Way (Featuring Dave Cooper) PRD.Vocals
I'm Slowing Down - Featuring Dave Cooper (vocals) PRD.Vocals
Thief (Featuring Dave Cooper) PRD.Vocals
God Knows I've Tried (Featuring Dave Cooper) PRD.Vocals
Lost in Time (with ExploderaMera) PRD.Vocals
Softly Unspoken (vocals and lyrics Armand Wijskamp) PRD.Vocals
Key of Love (with Yann SolMAR) PRD.Vocals
Drifting Down the River (with Rainer Hofstätter) PRD.Vocals
I Am Voyager (Lyrics: Robert Machado & Dan Lockhart) PRD.Vocals
Relaxing on the Beach_Hofsteen & ProRockDan1 PRD.Vocals
Veni Vedi Vici (with Dick Oorlab) PRD.Vocals
Life Ain't Easy (With Nix/Exploderamera and Ewen Allardyce) PRD.Vocals
We Were good Friends (with Milana Zilnik) PRD.Vocals
Drifting on the Ocean Floor PRD.Vocals
Northern Lights (by Ian Melvin) PRD.Vocals
A Thousand Times before I Die (with Ian Melvin) PRD.Vocals
Reaching Out of Time (Bree-Arne Chamley Lyrics and vocals) PRD.Vocals
Child of the Sun (Angel of Funk) PRD.Vocals
Softly Unspoken (Collaboration with Armand Wijskamp). PRD.Vocals
Sally Anne (with Water Sign) PRD.Vocals
Sprinklers and Bare Feet (with Bree-Arne Chamley) PRD.Vocals
Funk It Up (with Bree-Arne Chamley) PRD.Vocals
The Mermaid's Lament (with Blue Phoenix) PRD.Vocals
Please Come Home (Bree-Arne Chamley) PRD.Vocals
Looking in My Inbox for a Message from You PRD.Vocals
Hey There Brother (w BeatMasterNoble) PRD.Vocals
Farmer and the Devil (Nix vs PRDVocals) PRD.Vocals
When Hope Turns to Despair (lyrics ProgRockDan1 & Robert Machado) PRD.Vocals
Wheels of Change (with Jillucky) PRD.Vocals
Lonely Shadows (w Nipple Nose and Kristine) PRD.Vocals
Life is Hard (w Rainer Hofstätter) PRD.Vocals
The Ballad of Jim Courtright and Luke Short PRD.Vocals
I'll Never Let Go (lyrics Rick Madewell) PRD.Vocals
Miss Understood (with Mike Hartman) PRD.Vocals
Just a Rainy Sunday (w gelectric and Mr Sinister on Kompoz) PRD.Vocals
Turning Hope Into Despair (lyrics Dan Lockhart & Robert Machado) PRD.Vocals
Why Baby Blues with Denise Reiter PRD.Vocals
Thorns (Failla, Bayens, Lockhart, F-Jam) PRD.Vocals
The Eternal Question (w Beat Master Noble) PRD.Vocals
The Heart Attack Attack (with Rainer Hofstätter) PRD.Vocals
Evil Voices (with Beat Master Noble) PRD.Vocals