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"Grown N Sexy" by King Pimpin ft. Phruishun, Fly Solo, Marla B PHRUISHUN
Sans Amour Bachata Arabic French Richard El Khazen
Blues for Marita (excerpt) Voodoo Highway
The Rising (Chill Out) Jerry Astbury & fpc (for popular consumption)
Power Of Life (Soundtrack 2015) Egmont Zumbroich
Somekinda Wonderful (remake) Cliff Free
Starting Over In Innocence A Boy and His Guitar
Favorite color: By: Amber simpson TALENT
Send in The Clowns Cover by Adrienne Adrienne
Long Way Home (Gregg Jackmann Version) Charlie Savigar
Trouble by Taylor Swift--Cover Amanda and Jeff Acoustic
Ships of Gold ~ Almondized (Original) Ships Of Gold
Light at the End of the Tunnel Sans Harbour
all what rhythm knows 'bout your smile 2B2
Ships In the Night (featuring Jake Coco) Eclipse 6
One Shot At Love (Soul Rock Music) Meander Lane
44 Days (written by Amante & Walker) Joanne Amante
Don't Wanna Fall Short {featuring Martavia Brown} Jasmin & Green Productions
Missing Queens & Don't let yourDreams Fly Away * Ron Henison- RzonYAH !
1.Poko Poko Girl (Born Winner: The African King Track 1) Samy.B SyB
Some Kinda Way (ft. Tony 'T76' White) B.DeVINE
Naked Monday (Acoustic) Amanda Blest and "The Rest"
All around the world fea Marq9/11 Desi Jo
I Won't Let The World Change Me Leilani Villamor
Hey na na feat. Ferro on Stage Mo Bic
St James Infirmary Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and her White Boy Band
Good to Be Back Lord, Kat Klampette Kat Klampette Singer/Songwriter
Haga Wahda ( Shahinaz Ft. Islam Ansary ) Shahinaz Mahmoud
One Last Wish For Christmas Sofia Talvik
Virginia's Song - Love It For What It Is venusTRIBES
Girl from Ipanema (Raya) Rob Jazz