Bob Hausler's Favorites

Bob Hausler

181 Songs • 688 min

Little Miracles-Ralston Bowles cover demo Bob Hausler
You and Tequila - feat. Kelsey Hathaway- Kenny Chesney cover Bob Hausler
How I Got to Memphis-Tom T. Hall Cover Bob Hausler
That GTO - Laurie Middlebrook/Bob Hausler Bob Hausler
Buy, Sell Or Trade by John Latini & Jamie-Sue Seal from Un-Valentine's Cd John Latini
Little Sadie Walks The Hillside Bonnie McGill
Nickels and Dimes-Demo- S. Hodnett / R. Haulser Bob Hausler
Back Side of 40-Mystic Cowboys-John Grundner vocal Bob Hausler
White Liar - feat. Kelsey Hathaway- M. Lambert cover Bob Hausler
We Can't Change the World- Tomaca Govan vocals Bob Hausler
Nobody Know the Answer- Demo (c) R. Hausler / S. Hodnett 2016 Bob Hausler
"Autumn Gold" from K. C. Beckmann's 1st Song album K. C. Beckmann
Anymore-feat. Kim Guthrie Vocals Bob Hausler
Behind Blue Eyes feat. Bob Hausler On Acoustic Guitar And Synthesizer. Vince Tomanelli
Let the Storm Pass By- Laurie Middlebrook vocal Bob Hausler
"Keeper of my Dreams" (Male Vocals) Sheri Lynn
Self Portrait {for Alzheimer's Awareness} Billy T. Scrapper
Reality's A Thief > Critical Thinking The Band - National Deficit © Critical Thinking The Band ®
"Another place and time" (Bob Hausler vocals) Sheri Lynn
Scenes Of Yesterday - (clip) "Woodbine Street 2015" The Fores
"Can't find My Way Home".ONLINE COLLABORATION...Written By Steve Winwood....Steve Winwood Cover..Jen Dwyer Vox/Greg Bert Hillbilly Dix
Whenever You Come Around-Vince Gill cover Bob Hausler
Last Train To Freedom - (clip) "Woodbine Street 2015" The Fores
Tough Guys (Don't Cry) - (clip) "Woodbine Street 2015" The Fores
Let it Begin (Original) w/Anthony Terrezza/Bryan Rosen Gina Spiro Kessler
Say You're Mine (Acoustic Version) JC & Laney
Unbreakable Heart Acapella Version Jessica Andrews
Ghost In This House- Hugh Prestwood cover Bob Hausler
I Wonder As I Wander / Can You Imagine? - Christmastime Album Anna Johnson
Tide's Running Out (Soul Rock Music) Meander Lane
Turn It Around (Soul Rock Music) Meander Lane
Lovin You, Vocal Brooke Pulin Rich Pulin Musical Family
Coalfield Woman by Tim Henderson Allisong Smith
Beautiful Day - by Michael Whittaker and Steve Bliss (unreleased) Anna Johnson
People Get Ready- Curtis Mayfield cover Bob Hausler
Driving Me Blind (mix) - Bob Hausler JD&A Music!
Damaged and Bruised - Ready to Go album Anna Johnson
She Rides (new mix) - Bob Hausler JD&A Music!
Don't Need Much - Rachel Williams sings a Terry Burdette song JD&A Music!