Robert Joseph Phillips' Favorites

Robert Joseph Phillips

76 Songs • 345 min

BROKEN (remix w-backup Myrtle) © KCD KC Daleigh
Why we love the Music Biz....or not VIDEO!!! Together Alone
SAVE MY SOUL NOW [protesting this world w/sounds from anotherEP] gwamba
Movers & Shakers - (clip) "Woodbine Street 2015" The Fores
Set Me Free (Copyright 2010, Joey Pliskin Original) Joey Pliskin
Bad Girls Always Get What They Want Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
BenNY Blanko - Ape Shxt (Prod by JDiablo) JDiablo | Wally West
WE MADE LUV ONCE OR TWICE .mp3 Frankie O. Solovely Maxlink AkA Dark Angel
Super Swag (single off the album) Certified
No Chance Saloon (Incomplete Arrangement) The Hopheads
Does This Raise Your Tender Brow (Vol. I) The Soul of Jacquescoley
Dreamcatcher - single by BROKEN WING® - sample BROKEN WING®
Don't Bring Me Down (performed by CUBE) Susan Taylor Music
Ignorance is Bliss Feat Derek Vickers produced by David Flow Flowrush
Let Go! - (clip) "Woodbine Street 2015" The Fores
God's Blues (Risque Operatic Mix) MikeWhitePresents
Candlelight City (Feat Dr Flya) Armadillo LP Version 2012 Jacquescoley®