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I Am Awake -c- BillyCisco original BillyCisco
New York, New York - BillyCisco - Frank Sinatra cover - demo BillyCisco
Road To Hell - BillyCisco - Cover from Chris Rea- demo BillyCisco
'Tomorrow's Another Day'-c-Spike - BillyCisco collaboration-posted BillyCisco
The Thrill Is Gone - vocal cover of a B.B. King hit - demo BillyCisco
Look Into My Eyes - BillyCisco and Suzann Baldwin- collaboration -BillyCisco-music,vocals insts.-Suzann Baldwin-lyrics BillyCisco
THE JOY OF YOU -c- BillyCisco original BillyCisco
Gettin' Jumpy - BillyCisco original BillyCisco
Dance Me Up - BillyCisco original. BillyCisco
SunBeams BillyCisco original BillyCisco
Miserable goodbye- berbeda tetap satu (mixing) MISERABLE GOODBYE
Mayim Mayim 〜 水舞 | マイムマイム Tsukiyoi
Chicken and Rice (Live at Jerome's Jam Room) Slowtowne Serenaders
If I Had a Boat (rough practice sample) Blue Mountain Mule
I Am A Pilgrim (band practice sample) Blue Mountain Mule
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (rough cut) Blue Mountain Mule
Still House Blues(practice cut) Blue Mountain Mule
Find The Light (deLight Mix) feat. SunHo Lim Gate57 - Songwriters/Producers
The Nature Of Things Rand Compton Music Ltd-Second Thoughts
Alive in the Park by Bill Holness-(C) -BillyCiscoC BillyCisco
CINTA TERKUTUK ( original by the sora) PAPRONIC
You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker cover) Ralan Guyer (All Vocals)
Love Song (Tesla Cover) Ralan Guyer (All Vocals)
Duck and Run (Cover / 3 Doors Down Demo) Ralan Guyer (All Vocals)
Cruel Passages (Original R Guyer / C Krouse) Ralan Guyer (All Vocals)
Highway Star (Cover/Deep Purple Demo) Ralan Guyer (All Vocals)
All the things Feat. Jason Rice Nancy Rice / Silence in motion
Billy No Mates Paul Cottenham AKA RUFCUTBAND ./Singer/SongWriter
Aint it A Shame Paul Cottenham AKA RUFCUTBAND ./Singer/SongWriter
Perfect Stranger Paul Cottenham AKA RUFCUTBAND ./Singer/SongWriter
I Can Fly To You by Bill Holness -BC BillyCisco
Electric love (Electrical love) Katsumi Yoshihara
Under Construction (ReConstruction) Katsumi Yoshihara
Tremble - Jesse Boartfield w/ Larry Butler Jesse Boartfield
Goodbye, Adios - Jesse Boartfield Jesse Boartfield
I'm Thinking No!!! (C) 2010 Sean Patrick Adams
My One And Only Girl (C) 2010 Sean Patrick Adams
Hole in my Roof (Original song by Grayson Russell) Ray Street Blues
Everyday I Have the Blues (cover) Ray Street Blues
Religion and Theology RnB Jesus Band (R=Repent n B=Believe)
Whole Lotta Christians RnB Jesus Band (R=Repent n B=Believe)
The Speck In My Brothers Eye RnB Jesus Band (R=Repent n B=Believe)
Come Down Crashing Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
I'm On Hold For You Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
Got It For You Bad Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
before you acuse me feat art hettinger flute MUSIC HISTORY OF ACCURSOS
unchain my heart feat janet jameson MUSIC HISTORY OF ACCURSOS