Paul MAJESTIC Simon's Favorites


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Gotta Do/Trippin' With The Blues Ⓒ Mikie Campro
Rise Today ( Acoustic Cover) Alterbridge Dissension Rising
Demons ( Free Souls in Rough Seas ) Ben & The Pirates
"Journey Isn't Over" ft. Big Daddy Kane Alissa Cavallaro
Xpress Yerself (attic live series) The Beat Chefs
In the Forest (Featuring Rafael Gutierrez on guitar) ProgRockDan1
improv with Indie synth pop in B major Panne Breaux
Mr Writer (Stereophonics cover) At Circles End
Searching Within - El.J feat. Social Conscience Social Conscience / Soash
Fields of Gold eva cassidy cover bobbie jenkins
Drink a beer by Luke Bryan Cove and mix THE SCAT BAND
Jack The Gunslinger Country Singer Penny For The Workhouse
"Be His Hands" by Victor Snow with Freebird Freebird
E-Z Rollers Feat. Messy MC - Rebel Stand Tall Messy MC
Lifes A Rough Road Cindee Nilson/Lewis Angelo Palladino Cindee Nilson
Adjusting The Void (One Step Closer To Decay EP) Void 13
Positive Vibrations Featuring Terra9 Trancient Dreams
the rich, the poor, the bad, and the good jaimze
Facebook song (Like EP)New release 01/03/13 The Shapes
Duties of a Lighthouse Keeper (Cover/Full Band) Hollering Creek
Diamond Lights (excerpt) Distant Horizons Mediterranean Amberfern
Sacred Silence (1) - Complimentary Gift Enza Currenti
Waves Upon the Water (Dunn/Wilson) PAUL DUNN - SONGWRITER
Unknown Angel ( Americas Unknown Angel ) stephanie slevin