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“PJK Will be Judging and performing for Hohner Golden Harmonica Competition TCMF SAT 25TH JAN 2014, HONKY TONK BAR, FAMILY HOTEL, TAMWORTH”

Managment - Hohner Golden Harmonica Competition TCMF

"World Citizens" album Top 50 on the RMR American Blues Chart .... woohoooooo

Roots Music Report

“GONE GLOBAL: PJK music for Episode 6 of The Greenway Up/The Aussie Way Up. Website: http://www.thegreenwayup.com " PJK stoked to be involved in this environmental awareness expedition proving that biofuels are a significant component to solving the worlds energy problems" "Theses 4 young guys with their foresight and dedication are to be commended and deserve a global standing applause for what they are embarking on. A truly ground-breaking adventure"”

“Check out PJK video clips performing with various artists and various locations including Japan. Search "pjkevo" on YouTube for clips”

"Taking this year (2011) off to focus on songwriting and completing the new EP/Album "World Citizens". I am excited that I will have this free time to pursue my artistic endeavours with a clear mind and follow up on media and tv opportunities with this new heavy roots sound" [PJK]

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“•Producer Stuart Stuart Qld, who has worked with such names as "The Veronica's", Sheppherd and "Blue King Brown" approached PJK to record his next EP as he was fascinated with PJ's harmonica talents and songwriting ability. Stuart has touted him as the "fastest harp player in Australia". Stuart Stuart produced an entirely new sound, more commercialised and mainstream yet still very unique in its approach, quite unlike anything you may have heard before. A combination of hard rock roots with reckoning harp lines and hooks.”

Management - Management

“PJKevo officially sponsored by Hohner Harmonica (Aust). Prestigious endorsement for PJKevo and evidence of his unique harp playing.”

PJKevo management