Picnic in the Meadow / Bryan D. Jones Songwriter / Press

“Picnic in the Meadow's song "Dance with me" recently placed 2nd in the ComVia songwriting contest. In Addition it placed as a semi Finalist in the UK Songwriting contest.”

“Songs Burn and Be Like You both were recently chosen as Finalist in the International UK songwriting contest in the Christian / Faith Category”

“Rounding out Livin’ in Me are two numbers that would work great in a contemporary church setting. Williams, Hoot and Hyatt deliver the tender “Gaze Into Your Holiness” while Ronnie Kimball leads the romping “You Are Holy” complete with backup choir comprised of Jones, his wife Cheryl, Chuck Renfroe and Copeland. Picnic in the Meadow’s songs are stellar, unassuming and capture the essence of human compassion guided by Grace. Livin’ in Me is a tremendous effort and green light for Jones to continue spreading the Message through his magnificent songs. Review by Kelly O’Neil Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)”

“Orphans in Africa, Vietnam and Nepal are helped in a big way by a little Christian ministry in Castle Rock, Colorado called Hope’s Promise. In Kenya, two million children have been left parentless, mostly due to the AIDS epidemic, and the ministry’s Sanctuary of Hope runs two orphanages there. “Livin’ in Me” is a new music CD fundraising effort for this charity, and the heart behind this project of love is Nebraska songwriter Bryan D. Jones. This twelve-track CD contains Christian songs, all written by Jones, and was recorded in Nashville under the band name Picnic in the Meadow, whose name was inspired by a New Testament miracle. Just as Jesus multiplied a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread to feed 5,000, Jones hopes that God will also supernaturally multiply his initial investment to help the needy children of Africa.”

“Christian rocker “Burn” has a driving melody fueled by the flames of sizzling-hot guitar work, and nearly every song has an undeniably catchy-as-all-get-out chorus. The lone non-Christian offering is an emotional male/female pop duet about a loved one shipping off to war, and is an album stand-out.”

“It’s always seemed like an obvious fit to pair the country music genre with Christian lyrics and stylings. The South has clearly been the seat of the Bible belt for generations and the values of loving God, country, and family are firmly entrenched. Those very tenets seem to mark country music as well, bridging soul to soul. Yet, while many have tried this combination, it has rarely worked. One is either left with music that falls more heavily into the southern gospel realm (a fine genre but not really country) or garners a mildly country feel but suffers from subpar vocals and lyrics that just don’t fit. For whatever reason, it’s a tough fit to make. Yet, if anyone’s come close, it’s Picnic in the Meadow with their release, Livin’ In Me.”

“Nebraska resident Bryan D. Jones is the powerhouse behind Picnic in the Meadow. This talented songwriter chose a name to place his music under that would capture the essence of what these heartfelt songs are about: multiplying. When Jesus fed the masses in the meadow with a meager amount of bread and fish, it was not only a miracle but a labor of love. Jones desire is for the music and ministry pouring out of Livin’ in Me to compel people to share their bounty with the organization Hope’s Promise. The Jones family is deeply committed to this group that provides care and assistance to orphans in Kenya, Vietnam and Nepal. One of the results of this unbridled passion is the dozen positively uplifting songs found on Livin’ in Me.”