Drew Womack / Press

"Drew... Your singing.... Wow...."

Terri Hendrix Singer/Songwriter - Terri Hendrix "Cry Until You Laugh" CD

"A solid, tuneful record from beginning to end." Referring to Drew's self-titled record.

Mario Tarradell - Dallas Morning News

"I remember Drew's voice just came screaming off the stage. I read in the local newspaper that they left Sony, I said, 'if it's true, I want to talk to somebody right now.' It went down that quick." Tony Brown/former Presedent of MCA speaking about signing Sons to MCA

Country Music Aggieland

"Drew's penetrating voice, beautifully layered background vocals, this tuneful travelogue is about as good as it gets, folks." "A welcome oasis for country music fans."

Gerry Wood - Country Weekly