Pete Donnelly / Press

“Musically, this is a sophisticated affair. Donnelly, also a recording engineer himself, recorded this album in upstate New York and it sounds great. On first listen, it sounded a bit more MOR than the way these songs sound live, but on repeated listens, the hooks and the lyrical depth have really sunk in. Though there are light r’n‘b touches on a few of these songs (perhaps influenced by his stint in NRBQ), this is ultimately a singer-songwriter album and a great one at that. The one-two punch of the super-catchy and power-poppish “The Only One” followed by “Can’t Talk at All” (a song which has been getting heavy radio airplay here in Philadelphia on WXPN and which is heavily inspired by Archie Bell and the Drells‘ “Tighten Up”) is not the only highlight here. “Saratoga” finds Pete reminising about his hometown and “Tommy’s Piano” features the 30 seconds of Tom Ardolino, drummer of NRBQ, who passed away recently, playing his piano.”