Payday Daddy / Press

“In listening to the CD Gumby Got Drunk, I was startled by Payday Daddy’s willingness to play a wide variety of styles and genres. The Don’t Walk On By is a Stray Cats style rockabilly, Cyberspace is more 80′s pop-rock with a seriously distorted lead guitar and layered vocals, and Scotty’s Song is a mellow ballad, followed by a lively reggae number Coconut Bra (complete with pseudo-Jamaican accents) with very clever lyrics. Lyrically, their songs tell stories well, some in the typical style, and others, such as Hell’s on Fire with subtle twists. Cyberspace tells of on-line love, and the importance of being able to type with one hand. The lyrics are not always locked in by the typical rhyming constraints, and their “rap with melody” song is very well done.”