Paul Robert Thomas / Press

“‘The most noticeable thing here is the distinct Bowie-esque influences, as the album abounds with 70s and 80s alternative and art rock flavors’”

“‘Well they could have run for longer without me gritting my teeth’”

““Les Paul’s” (The Paul’s) deliver an album that makes some interesting artistic choices, paying tribute to David Bowie and using his ’70s or ’80s sound as an inspiration, jumping off from that starting point to explore surrounding artistic directions. If that sounds interesting to you, you’ll likely find a few tracks on here you’ll quite enjoy and, eventually, sing along with'.”

“'It’s soft rock excellently executed, conjuring up visions of 60’s greats and a bygone era, but it’s also wholly modern, with Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) stepping out into a bright world of innovative adventure'.”

“‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) Release Their 7th Album – ‘Night Worker’”

“‘No Covers Required’ contains ten tracks taken straight from the creative minds of both Paul’s that flow through melodies, genres, and styles with ease’.”

“Lyricism, British Invasion and The Les Paul's”

“Interview with Paul Lyricist”

“Swiss Cottage Recordz are proud to announce that our London born & bred Song Lyricist, Paul Robert Thomas has recently signed a 7 album, 61 song Licensing Agreement with L.A.’s Studio City’s ‘Dearth Music Licensing’ (http://dearthmusiclicensing.com) as well as an additional 7 album, 61 song Administrative Publishing Agreement with Sacremento’s ‘Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution LLC’ (http://ulsounds.com) with himself and the singer songwriters he has collaborated with on the 7 albums – the UK’s Paul Walker & London’s UK Tony Rees, Bern’s Paul Odiase and Berlin’s Michel Ackermann. Feel free to check out the album’s songs at (http://www.paullyrics.com/released-albums) & Paul’s website at http://www.paullyrics.com. Thank you, Swiss Cottage Recordz”

“2 New Song Writers Release 2 New Great Albums!”

“'Why ex-PC is happy with the Blues'”

“The late great Robert Johnson's grandson wrote me a letter - check it out on my music site at http://www.paullyrics.com - Cheers:)!”

“People ask me where I'm at? This is where I'm at - www.paullyrics.com:)!”