Paige McCauley / Press

“In "Read You", her vocals are crystal clear and she makes going from low to high pitches (immediately) seem effortless and with precision. Her runs are effortless and even as well. She's created her trademark. The background vocals and the music are definitely nice! Awesome! You got me...I'm a fan and will continue to support you. Blessings to you and your family. Well done.”

“Paige is a talented, state and national award winning singer/songwriter. This young lady has a big and mature voice, yet knows that she is still a teenager...and that already says a lot. She is grounded, filled with Southern hospitality (in the big city of Atlanta) and grounded in her music.”

“Local singer releases EP this week....right now (where she is today) seems like the precipice of something big.”

“...there were definitely two standout moments....Paige McCauley delivered a flawless rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" ...audiences are in for a treat.”

"McCauley had an ethereal, soulful voice and sang...with her own unique emphasis on words and sounds. I was taken aback. Yeah, I would dare to bring her to my stage too." Speaking of Paige's performance at the Tony Award Winning Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.

Susan K. Asher - Atlanta Art Reviews

“After seeing her perform live I can see that the stage is home for her. Paige is very graceful and a complete professional on stage. For some people their eyes can tell who they are and Paige is one of these. You can see that she is real and not trying to be someone else. When she sings you can see the story come out in her eyes , I think this is what so magical about her and lets people connect with her during her performances.”

“Paige... is amazingly talented and a very sweet girl. Her music is as beautiful as she is. Her talent for making music is unending the lyrics and her vocals are incredible. Her song " The Little Things " is a great example of how creative she is, the lyrics in this song is beautifully written.”

“Whitewater Creek ..highlight of having "Paige McCauley and The Band" perform...talented musicians...recently featured musical act at Senoia's Art of Green Festival. The band featured three original songs by McCauley, the lead singer... fun was had by all.”

“Paige wins 3rd place in "The Fred" Amphitheatre's Open Mic contest. Only solo artist to place!!!”