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“Music can and WILL change the world.”

Lady Toni - www.reverbnation.com

“Toni McGuire may be small in stature, but her voice is mighty. Seated with her purple-hued guitar (purple, because it inspires her) she opens her mouth to sing. What comes out is a full alto voice, strong yet vulnerable, soulful yet upbeat. Her song is called "Hey You, Over There," and tells the story of an attraction that leads first to lasting romance, and then to a family. She follows it with "Going Home," a thoughtful and yet positive ballad about a person departing this life with no regrets whatsoever. Both songs are her own creations. She attributes the first to her husband, and the second to her father-in-law, who passed away last year. "I write about what I know," she says. "Life inspires me. My songs come from my experiences." The Austell resident, who sometimes performs as "Lady Toni," considers herself to be a "Folk-Christian singer-songwriter." Music, apparently, was in her blood from the beginning. ”

“Toni McGuire is certainly no stranger to music. Teaching piano, guitar and voice for twenty years, along with writing songs, she could be described as an eclectic energy who once preferred to stand behind her students achievements, but now has become a shining presence of her own. Today, you can not only find toni in the Marquis Who's Who 60th Edition, but while she continues to teach, she has now offically added performer to her list of accomplishments.”

Kathryn V. Potvin - The Good New Paper