Summit Dub Squad / Press

“The Pinnacle of Positivity - Specializing in energetic reggae rock, progressive hip-hop and all-around positive vibes, Flag band Summit Dub Squad has been sharing the love on local stage for years. Any chance to catch the five-piece live is worth it, so go see them...”

“B Dub and Hunter aren’t afraid to speak of spiritual awareness, as their words rhyme and coordinate on beat, to spread the messages of truth, love and respect. And since the group believes in non-violence, their weapon is music.”

“Summit Dub Squad...has plenty of catchy grooves that avoid repetition...Using their influences as fertile ground, they preach about peace, unity and love as their way to fight against a period of violent wars, corporate greed and environmental panic.”

“The Flagstaff-based band combines its musical influences from around the world with its high-elevation sound to create a unique musical experience intended to connect people with one another.”

“The result is a tribal burst of sight and sound that will have you movin’ and groovin’, tonight with Summit Dub Squad at the Moon.”

“This month’s pick of the litter is a sticky mess of all these genres wrapped together with a distinct west coast persuasion. They call themselves Summit Dub Squad and whether they are eliciting sweat-soaked punky/ska grooves or spaced out ethereal dub rhythms, the music is guaranteed to strike a chord in any listener who can let their hair down and feel the love of Jah almighty in the music.”

“Who knows, maybe Summit Dub Squad will become a well-known and signed band from this effort.”

“Following up 2008s "Best Vibes" honors, the 2009 Flag LIVE Editor's Choice award for "Best Soulful Band" goes to Summit Dub Squad!”

“The Summit Dub Squad crew nearly started a full-on dance-riot with their solid grooves and feel-good, positive vibes.”