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“Vividly Dim - Review”

“Who is Vividly Dim? - Interview”

"Great sound...nothing pleases more than a chick behind the mic."

“We just had to put them on our compilation album!”

“When I find Vividly Dim a group of talented young kids giving their all to make it in the music business, again by accident...that's a pay check!”

“This band brings a great live show to any stage.”

"Check out our NYC featured band Vividly Dim"

"If you like wicked bands follow Vividly Dim"

"Check out this super cool and talented Ridgewood/Bushwick band!"

“It is evident to me that this mix of young musicians has the potential to produce some profound sounds, and make their mark on the New York music scene.”

“Though the band has a unified, cohesive sound, their songs traverse a spectrum from modest to forward, playing with subtle sounds and showy, forceful vocals...The bass-driven songs relegate the chugging to place in the mix...The earnest delivery has a very mellow, brooding effect, but is not without animation or energy.”

“I feel a touch of eclectic and world music in their sound, but skip the labels and check out the music, and then check out this friendly bunch”

"VD GOES GLOBAL...So go on check it out and join the widespread epidemic!!"

“I just love their sweet sounds!”

“Sound Talk with Jonni & Chasidy - Interview”

"Get Infected With The New VD."

“VD always gives us a great show!”