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“While wandering around downtown Austin during SXSW, I met a pretty kickass, sexy band – Vanity Theft. I caught up with guitarist Brittany Hill and singer-keyboardist Alicia Grodecki near Congress Street and they introduced me to the rest of the band’s members outside Rusty’s, where the band performed Thursday night at 10 p.m. The girls hail from Ohio and have been nonstop touring lately, with upcoming shows planned all over, including Webster Hall in NYC on April 25. While there’s no El Paso tour dates in the immediate future, you should definitely check in with their schedule often because these sexy ladies are totally worth checking out. In the meantime, check out a couple of the girls’ videos below and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Check out all of our interviews, photos and behind-the-scenes SXSW action on our SXSW page!”

“Vanity Theft: Anatomy Another upbeat song, the girls of Vanity Theft claim, “Baby I don’t want you for your money.” This Houses-Haunted tape remix is addictive.”

“Upon the release of their 2006 debut, Vanity Theft quickly proved to be a formidable indie rock outfit with aspirations well beyond the small clubs of Dayton. They relocated to LA for a time in 2008-2009, further refining their sound with additional dance elements coming to the fore. Over the past several years, the quartet toured relentlessly from coast to coast, earning a loyal following the old-fashioned way. With an appearance at South by Southwest in March and an extended tour planned for the spring, their upcoming album should further bolster these ladies as one of Dayton’s leading exports.”

“Vanity Theft is part of a pedigreed lineage of female rock bands. The Runaways, The Go-Gos, Sleater-Kinney—you know the sort. Girls who elbow their way through the male-driven rock paradigm and make a place for themselves in the boy’s club. If you like “Anatomy” (and you will like “Anatomy”), be sure to listen to the Houses Haunted Tape Remix. The track transforms the original into a mishmash of digital chirps, chopped-up chants and great stomping beats à la Sleigh Bells. Don’t worry, all the hooks of “Anatomy” are kept intact, clawing their way into your brain while jagged soundscapes add a sinister edge. “Limb From Limb,” with its lashes of electric guitar and synths is just as fierce. With vitriol dripping from each of singer Alicia Grodecki’s words, the band dares you not to dance. We can only say, you go grrrls.”

“The women of Dayton, Ohio’s Vanity Theft make awesome songs, somewhere between the fist-pumping chick power of Sleater-Kinney and the more-dance-ready, indie-pop fun of the Ting Tings. Their new album, Get What You Came For, comes out this month on Adamant Records. A proper label to call home is a welcome respite from five years of putting out their own records and booking their own tours. Still, even with a label behind them, you can hear this band’s DIY spirit loud and clear in this hot remix of their newest single “Anatomy.” Don’t miss the sweet video for the single, and you can follow the band on twitter to get their latest tour dates.”

“Vanity Theft may be all-female, but this foursome definitely isn’t your average girl group. With catchy guitar riffs, an in-your-face sound, and lyrics that are, ahem, straight to the point, this band is determined to set themselves apart from a sea of frilly pop with their debut single, “Anatomy.” Check out the video here and let us know if you’re into it!”

“Get What You Came For, with its perfectly constructed little three-minute nuggets, is brought to sparkling life by four adorable chicks who are barely of legal drinking age -- one of whom, oddly, is a former Disney Channel star (Lalaine from Lizzie McGuire). Before disregarding the group merely for its Disney association, take "Anatomy," and "Limb From Limb" for a spin. These two songs alone, and perhaps in spite of the rest of the otherwise redundant record, make this little band from Dayton, Ohio worth opening your brainwaves to.”

“Sing-along choruses and new-wave overtones were already a part of Vanity Theft’s indie-rock arsenal when the “Post Script, Pace Yourself” was released. Now, thanks to solid touring and the guidance of producer Joshua Binder, the quartet has honed its sound into an infectious blend of dance-pop and alt-rock.”

“Vanity Theft has an edgy, pop sound, channeling The Runaways and other post riot-grrrl indie groups. After releasing their latest EP, Anatomy, in October, Vanity Theft is back for more. Their video for the Houses’ Haunted Tape Remix of “Anatomy” is visually stunning, full of quick cuts that break up a general monochrome feeling with scenes of bright greens, golds and purples, which add a punkish feeling to the video.”

“The Anatomy EP contains four songs and two remixes of synth-heavy, beat-dominated new wave revival. These days, you can’t spit without hitting a band that falls into that category. The wonderful thing is, in these six tracks, Vanity Theft transcend genre trappings and showcase excellent songwriting abilities, while many other bands think style over substance is acceptable, and that stealing the sounds of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark or the Pet Shop Boys make them exempt from thinking about melodies, hooks, or innovation.”

“Following in the not-so-dainty footsteps of riot grrrls Sleater-Kinney and rock goddess Joan Jett, Vanity Theft is an all-girl rock quartet that plays harder than most of the boys. Bassist Lalaine -- just Lalaine -- is blunt about her band, saying, "We may have vaginas, but we're not p - - - ies." That's very clear on the group's full-length debut, "Get What You Came For," a solid collection of headbangers. On the lone exception, "Missing Teeth," singer Alicia Grodecki gets all girly on the Auto-Tuned ballad. The record will be released Feb. 1, and these hard-hitting women play the Knitting Factory on Feb. 2.”

“Edgy, dark, powerful, sensual: these are four excellent descriptors of the girl-rock band, Vanity Theft. In October, Vanity Theft released their Anatomy EP and immediately caught the attention of listeners across the United States. These four girls are not your typical sweet-lyric, love-song types. Instead, Vanity Theft is all about past, broken relationships. And the lyrics reflect the sass, attitude and bitterness developed by these young women.”

“On February 1, Vanity Theft is digitally issuing debut album Get What You Came For (the physical release is out March 1 via Vigilante/Adamant), then hitting the road for an extensive North American tour with Hunter Valentine. The Dayton, Ohio, band is following up October’s Anatomy EP, whose title track you can download here. Vanity Theft had Lefse Records artist Houses remix the song, which you can download here, and then made a video for said “Haunted Tape Remix,” which you can watch below.”

“If you haven’t heard the pouty-lipped pop rock coming from Ohio’s Vanity Theft, you’re missing out. The foursome has put together a solid album, Get What You Came For, that is set for release Feb. 1 There’s something for just about everyone’s mood, but a standout track for me has to be “Anatomy,” an anthem that confidently discloses, “And besides, baby, I don’t want you for your mind,” which is something I’ve always wanted someone to say to me. Stop wanting me for my mind, people!”

“Sexy, coy, and confident songs with smart lyrics and melodies that won’t leave your head.”

“Symptoms, a five-song EP, is artistic, engaging and captures a wisdom that reaches beyond a typical debut. It is professional and smart, with concrete, fully developed lyrics.””

C.A. MacConnell - Citybeat

“VT is earning respect and fans throughout the Midwest playing upbeat, catchy, and melody driven music that borders on indie and hard rock. Together they (vocals) are able to manipulate melodies and lyrics in a way reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday or Thursday, but with female range and compassion.”

Kris Neises - DDN

“Vanity Theft was able to take their assorted influences and use them to develop their own sound and style rather than falling into the sand trap that many bands do by trying to sound like their influences.”

Bob Donovan - Indie Intune

“Vanity Theft's music is edgy, with varying tempos, in-your-face lyrics and catchy instrumentals.””

Pam Dillon - DDN