Small Hands / Press

“...If you're interested at all in visiting the state of Colorado and listening to music that is completely leftfield and nothing close to the norm in today's hip-hop scene, then you may want to check out Small Hands' new single, "This Is Our Colorado", off his upcoming project Pet Teacher. On the song, Small Hands talks about his appreciation for his home state and the various things that make it a great place to visit. If you're a fan of the commercial rap music that plays on Top 40 radio, don't bother listening to this song because you'll only be disappointed and form an unfair opinion of this artist. The track is not the best production I've heard in recent times, but it is the most unique one my ears have come across. Overall, This Is Our Colorado is a nostalgic song that will resonate with late 20th century hip-hop fans who grew up listening to artists like Digital Underground and The Pharcyde...”

“Small Hands dazzles the crowd ... with his magnificent wordplay, expressing his love of the Colorado mindstate...”

"The man Small Hands is back at it again with a Colorado Anthem entitled “This is Our Colorado“! Organically grown Colorado native has been rockin mics in the rocky mountains since 1997 at the early age 16! He now presents us with the first single “This Is Our Colorado” off of his upcoming album “Pet Teacher.” ...Check out the track..."

“His lyrics are channeled... very positive... much appreciated!”

"...some of the best and brightest talent from the Centennial State."

“Small hands has come a long way since I first meet him. His lyrical content has matured. His rhyming style and punctuation has also changed... leading me to believe that Richie is one of the hardest working mc's in the Colorado game... ”

“Your Music sound slick bro. Wow! You have your own sound!”